Well I just got home from work and seen that Jordan is HOH and Chima is gone. I am guessing that she pulled the stunts that she did because she didnt want to be evicted. What a whiny baby. Remember she whined when her clique were the first “have nots” I knew from that time on that she would be a thorn in everyones side. Then she pitched a fit because she was HOH but didnt really have any power her week. Oh well get over it! If she has ever watched any of the other seasons then she would know that with this game things happen and change constantly and I guess she has never seen any of the episodes where America got to vote on certain things.

Now, since the jury house is going to be one short then I want to make a suggestion to let Casey come back to fill the vacant spot…..or even Braden would be cool. But if the powers that be lets America vote during the finale then that would be awesome as well. Oh well that is it for tonight. Am going to go watch the rest of BBAD.

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