The way I have been working, it has been hard for me to get on here to share my thoughts. But I have still been keeping up with the show, the one on CBS and BBAD.

I am thinking right now that Jeff would be soooo proud of Jordan, I mean she hung on for 3 and a half hours in the first round of comps. Then she blew Nastilie away in the 2nd. I am thinking that Kev and Nastilie have underestimated her.

But I am just wondering if Kevin wins the final round if he is really telling Jordan the truth. He has lied sooo much during this game how can we be sure now that he is telling the truth to Jordan about F2. Oh well I guess we will find out on Tuesday night. Until then we can only hope that he will stick with his word. By the way, I am campaigning for everyone to vote for Jordan to win in case she is in the F2.

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