Well I have been so excited thinking that I since I have the night off I would get to watch BB tonight for the live veto comp, eviction, and hoh comp. But because of football (which I do love the sport) I am not going to get to see the live show, our local channel is going to air it at 1:30am. So now I am real bummed.

I haven’t really got to watch too much of bbad, but judging from some of the comments I have been reading I am not too happy with the turn of events. I feel that Jeff is a pretty smart man, and if he is going to believe Nastilie and Kevins lies,, then he deserves whatever happens. I am not saying that maliciously, I am a huge Jeff fan, but he has known from the beginning that Nat loves to stir up trouble.

I am hoping that he will wise up before eviction time and get rid of her instead of Lydia.

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