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WOW!!! Rachel in tears in HOH with Jordan???

What a way to start BBAD!    I was ready to give Jordan a standing ovation.  Sweet little southern country girl brings Mz. Vegas hurricane to tears!?!?!  So far this season, I have seen some attempts from Rachel to actually be a decent person.  However, before anyone gets all upset, I think she could do better.  [...]

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Vets are going to be their own DOWNFALL!

What are they thinking? This game is not even similar to any other BB season.  They need to think again several weeks-like chess.  If they are/were smart, they would have used the VETO and “back-doored” one of the other newbies last week.  Keith was digging his own hole and was not going to last much [...]

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What A Long Week!!!!

Finally, the first week of Big Brother 13 is OVER!  File it away and now it is time to breathe and get down to the facts of the game and start playing the game. Way to go Jordan!  HOH week #2. This is the first season that I have been so frustrated with the HGs [...]

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Who is the Biotch now?

We are almost there-the first official eviction!  For me, it seems to have felt like a month to get to this point.  What a BORING (for the most part) week!  The youngin’s with their panic and over strategizing (way un-necessary for the first week) and all of the stupid games.  BIG BROTHER, please give them [...]

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Big Brother 13 is Bananas!

As Big Brother 13 kicked off its season, I knew right away what I have been missing all these months. I have missed seeing all the pre-season strategies of new houseguests burning down to the ground in a matter of minutes.  I have missed the houseguests making fun of each other in the diary room.  [...]

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Big Brother 13 First Impressions [Part 2]

In part one of my First Impressions, I gave some of my insight on the first four houseguests: Adam, Cassi, Dominic, and Kalia. If you haven’t read part one, I suggest that you do so before proceeding with part two. In part two now, I will give you some of my first impressions on the [...]

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