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WOW!!! Rachel in tears in HOH with Jordan???

What a way to start BBAD!    I was ready to give Jordan a standing ovation.  Sweet little southern country girl brings Mz. Vegas hurricane to tears!?!?!  So far this season, I have seen some attempts from Rachel to actually be a decent person.  However, before anyone gets all upset, I think she could do better.  [...]

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An Animalistic way to View BB13

First, I apologize for thinking that Dom was one of the nominees.  I also apologize if I have missed anything more current other that what is posted on the forum as of 7-8-11@ 3:00 pm. Eastern. I do have access to the Big Brother live feeds, however I have chosen not to view them yet [...]

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Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!!

Is SHE Gone??? The last 24 hours are here!!! At about this time tomorrow, all hell should break out as Brendon’s plan blows up in his face! If you’ve seen the last few nights/days on either the Live Feeds or After Dark; you saw for yourself how crazed Brendan has gotten! And for Rachel to [...]

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Here We Go, Again!

Well, if you’re keeping up with the live feeds, or Matt’s BB 12 Updates; you already know that, once again, the new HoH is Rachel. In case you do not know yet, Rachel has already made her Nominations; Kristin and Hayden. If ANY of you are like me, as you watched the HoH Competition, did [...]

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And The Drama, and Paranoia, Has Begun!

What a crazy first week for this new season of Big Brother!! We’re already seeing the first “Showmance”! -spoiler alert(s)- If you don’t want to know, don’t read any further.. So, of all the “hot” men and women to “hook up”, who’d have guessed it would be Brendan and Rachel?!? On another note, we have [...]

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