We have all been anxious and now the waiting is finally almost over!  The new season of Big Brother is about to begin!  Numerous rumors, unanswered questions, and houseguests to learn about are keeping me on the edge of my seat.. Just waiting until the premiere.

Each year as the new season approaches, I can’t help but think back on the former seasons and the surprises and excitement they each held…  BB1 with Britney’s eviction by the Chicken George fans, hilarious moments by Chill Town & Dr. Will in season two and All Stars, ex’s reunited, long lost siblings and family rivalries, Jedi’s and buxom blondes, Marcellus and the worst BB decision, and of course evil Dick.

So if you are anything like me – you have been obsessed by checking every site you can think of to find out the latest news, leaks, rumors, and information about the upcoming season.  The biggest question I am sure on everyone’s minds, or at least on mine, is who is the mystery guest??? 

So what is my hope?  I’d love to see Big Brother bring in a different former houseguest each week to stir the pot!  While I wouldn’t want to see a former houseguest compete as a normal player in this season (save that for all stars!) I wouldn’t mind them coming in to encourage a little drama, intrigue, and of course chaos in the house.

So let the games begin!  I can’t wait to see the first episode of Big Brother 11, and get those live feed rolling! 

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