I must do a brief recap of earlier events of the house guests before telling you the results from the p.o.v.

The house guest played a game called Pandora’s box .   All I know is,  the game in tells about a lot of money and finding  a  key .  It  seems  the house  guests  were  confused  to  what  they  needed  to  do.  Secrets  was  kept   away (about clues) from  other  house  guests  from  two  of  the  house  guests ( Kevin  and  Nat ).  Whether  the  DR  made  the  house  guests  keep  quite  about  clues  that  were  given  to  each  house  guests  is  up  in  the  air  .  If  you  know anything , I  am  begging  you  to  enlighten  myself  with  the  info.  After  the  game  and  no  results  on how  much  money  was  collected.  I  believe  something  is  about  to  happen  again.  It   goes   back  to  the  Sloan;  expect  the  unexpected (something  fishy  is  going  on) Please  let  me  know if you   agree or disagree with  me ?? .

Well , let’s  get  down  to  business!!  After   the   game   a lot  of   speculations   has   came   into   play  with   all  of  the  house  guests,  about  what   the  P.O.V.  would  will  be.     Everybody   seems   to   be   on   edged . Michele  certainly  didn’t  look  like  her  old  self ,I  guess it  would   have  something   to  do  with  Jeff.  As  you  are   aware , Michele   isn’t   Jeff   favorite   in  the  house .  Jeff   is  more  into  his  girl  Jordan  and  the  pit-bull ( Nat ) . If  I  tell  you  that  Jeff  and  Michele  got  into   it, I  know you  are  very  shocked   right ( NOT ) . The   fight   was   over   Pandora’s   box   whether  Michele   knew  the   story   behind   it .  Jeff   asked   Michele   if   she   knew  anything  about   Pandora ,    Michele   quickly   answer  ” no”     king   Jeff   called   her   a   liar.  Michele   response   back   to  Jeff   was ” that’s   not  cool “   king   Jeff   replies  ” it  wasn’t   derogatory “  looking   very  confused   for   a   moment   Michele   then,   asked   Jeff   “why   did   he   tell   Jordan   and   Nat” .  With   a  stupid   blank   look   on   his   face ,  a   slightly   raise  tone  Jeff   tell s  Michele    “I    didn’t   say  it  in  the   room.” (Calling  her a liar) I asked   you   a   question   then ,  “I   said   lair!! !”    Jeff    becomes   very   arrogant   at   this   point   and  says ” Does   it  matter   whether  I   say    it   to   your   face  or  behind  your back”.  With   a  sad  look  on  her  face   Michele   leaves  the  room  ,  goes   into  the  splosh  splash  room  and  begins  to  cry  and   starts  talking  to  herself ( trying  to  perk  herself  up ) she  tells  herself  that  she  needs  to  win   the  p.o.v.  man  oh ,  man,   I am  really  starting  to  feel  bad   for  her.

Why  do  they  need  to  put  her  through  this  crap . Michele   has   always   been   loyal  to   Jeff   and   Jordan   and   they   crap   all   over  her . Lord  why ??  I  Felt   at   this   time  Michele  was   giving   up   but ,  she   sat   there   thinking   about  how   she   was   going   to   win   the   p.o.v..  She   pop  – up   and   started   going   through   the   house   looking   at  everything   then   all   of  sudden   little   blue  and   green  aliens  were  spotted   all   over   the   house . These   aliens  where   flashing   blues  lights   it  was   kinda   exciting !!!  All   the   house  guests   were   talking   about  it , they   continue   to   speculate  about   the   p.o.v.  Oh  i  did   forget  to  tell  you  that  Michele  gave  Jeff   the  finger ( way  to  go -that’s  my  girl ) It   also  seems   that  Kevin   and   Michele  bonded   a  little,   I   believe   she  and  Kev  have  a  final  2  deal .

Well ,  enough   of   that …. Are  you  ready! ! I  can  not  hear  you ( he he  he ) this  was  all  about  Michele  because  our  little   girl   has   won   the   p.o.v.  She  won   it  by  a minute ,  you  know  who  wasn’t  happy. You  guess  it,  King  Jeff.  He  was  so  mad  he  didn’t  want  to  talk  to  anyone ( he drunk a whole bottle of wine) . We  are so crying  for you  Jeff – not, you  started   it  and  my  girl  put  you  in  your  place ( what  a  girl ) What  concerns  me  now,  Is  Michele  has  new  found  friends ( Kevin  and  Nat ) the  same  people  who  wanted  her  gone .(they were celebrating in the h.o.h. room  after the p.o.v.)  Nat  says  she  was  only  bashing  Michele  because she  wanted  J/J  to think that  they wanted  Michele  gone .(she also told Michele this) Do  you  buy  that  story  Nat  is  trying  to  sell  to  us ? what  do  you  feel  about  this  new  friendship ? ( well that new friendship has now ended ) what  a  dang  shame , Now  Jordan  wants  the  house  to  vote  her  out  and   keep   Jeff   because   she   don’t   believe   she   can   win  anything  without   him.     She  feels   if  it  wasn’t   for  Jeff   she  would  have  not  made  it  this  far . Please  tell  me  what you  think  about  this  new  info . I am  dying    to  hear   from  you . Don’t  get  too  happy  about  Jeff   leaving  we  don’t  know  about  the  earlier  competition , you   know   Pandora’s   box . I  am  totally thinking   a   big   twist   that   can   change   everything   again . Oh  by  the  way  Jeff   did  tell  Jordan that  she  needed  to  stay  and  win.  Jeff  told  Jordan  to  team  up  with  Nat  (of  all people ) and  Michele  and  use  them  to  get  herself  to  the  final  two , that  she  would   probably win  the  game  But,  poor   little   Jordan   don’t   want to   stay . I   really   need  your  responses  to  this.    Is   Jordan  crazy  or  is  this  the  making  of  true  love .  you  be  the  judge!!

Peace Out


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New  info :  Michele  just  told  Jeff  that  she  didn’t  want  him  to  go  home. They  are  planing   how  to  keep  Jeff . They want  to  force  Kevin  hands  and  try  to  get  him  to  put  Nat  on  the  block or  to send  Jordan  home  if  Kevin  wouldn’t put  Nat  on  the  block. (Hot off  the  press)

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