Well it is final. By a vote of 3-0 cauliflower ears (Russell) has left the house. Russell was very polite with his speech. It actually came as a total SHOCKER after what went on yesterday with Jeff and Jordan. Honestly I did not expect Russell leaving on a good note. I am totally lost for words.

Do you think the house guests made a mistake by getting rid of Russ too soon? I am just worried that Nat or Kevin will win HoH. Then Jeff final days will be fast approaching.

Well in a way I feel that Jeff should had kept Russ just a week longer. I know what you are thinking, “THAT’S CRAZY,” but thinking about it, knowing what we know about Nat and Kevin don’t you think Russ would have benefit team Jeff?

Please tell me your views on this matter. Yes you can tell me that I am so crazy. You guys really think about it. I┬ácan’t wait to hear your thoughts.

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