Hello BB 11 Fans,

My name is Leo; I am curious to see if indeed Jeff does have Jessie evicted if the men will be able to overcome the odds of 2 men versus 6 women (yes Kevin is in the #). I know Jordan has Jeff’s back, but I think she will be forced to sacrifice him if she intends to have a chance to win the $500,000. The only safety Jeff / Russell will have is if they win HOH competitions back to back or have Jordan win in between them winning. If not, Jeff / Russell can be assured they will be put on the block everytime Michelle / Lydia / Natalie /Kevin and Chima when she is able to play again wins…..

Does anyone agree or disagree? Please indulge me with your input and lay out your thoughts on what could possibly be an uphill battle for Jeff / Russell in the same manner it was for James during BB season #9!!!

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