The end is here for NBK…… Who will Russell convince to be his sidekick and help him make the final 2? I believe Natalie will ditch Chima for Russel because Russell and Natalie will be able to Join with Jeff / Jordan since Russell / Jeff are already working together.

I think Jordan will be able to trust Natalie and Jeff will see that he needs more than himself, Russell and Jordan to get beyond the next 2-3 weeks in the house.

His ally Russell can’t trust Michelle / Lydia / Kevin and he will never want to work with Chima.

Some may say he likes Lydia and has been talking to her lately, but I think he knows Lydia will still side with Kevin and the girls over him even though Kevin didn’t use the Veto on her.

I think Russell will have a better relationship with Natalie once Jessie is evicted.

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