This is my very first Blog here and I’m a little nervous.

I just finished viewing the new BB11 House Guests, reading their Bios out loud, so I could remember better. From all 12 I’m not sure if I have a favorite yet.

The Gamer and Scientist stand out to me first, the Gamer (Ronnie)  ( I have 5 gamers in my house), he seems like he just might make it far, has a lot of knowledge of previous House Guests, can play a good game.  The Scientist (Michelle)  I’m curious how she’s going to play her game, there was never a Scientist in the house before, she must be very smart, I’m curious to find out which House Guest she’s going to befriend first and how is she going to go about studying all the House Guests, will she be sneaky, will she be full of questions or will she be in the background abserving everyone’s actions/reactions, could be fun to watch and I plan to do a lot of watching that’s for sure.

I also noticed Laura right away, because she reminded me right away of Jenn, who I watched in the Media videos, I heard her say that she would love to be in the Big Brother House again, could that be a hint to all of us watching?

I did see spots for 14 photos, there are now 12 House Guests confirmed, and we know on the 7th a 13th House Guest will be announced, there are some rumours that it might just be Sheila, could it be? I’m so anxious to watch it July 9th, I can just burst.

Back to Laura, she’s planning to live in the house wearing her Bikini every day, I can just see the boys liking her and the girls give her side looks.

Braden, a surfer, has travelled to some cool places in the world, he seems to full of himself, sometimes first appearances could be deceiving.

Casey, he seems like a fun person a teacher by day, DJ by night and he can also rap, we’ll probably have some Big Brother Rapping sessions going on into all hours of the night, could be fun to watch.

Jeff is looking for love, he wouldn’t mind a Showmance,

Chima seems like she might hook up with Jeff, this is my first impression, she seems very caring when it comes to taking care of her Mom but she can also be deceiving when it comes to not telling the truth, like she was saying in her videos, that she’s lied to her friends on how they look and even her boyfriend, so if she has to she’ll lie to get to the end, hey who hasn’t in the Big Brother game right?

Kevin has a story, wants to be seen by his parents, so they know that he’s ok. I feel for him, he seems nice, hope he makes it far to.

Then there’s Jordan a home town girl, going to miss her family, loves to hang out with her female friends, but wont be having sex or as she calls it bugger because her grandpa is watching, that’s cool. 

Lydia obviously with her tattoos reminded me of Crazy James, she is bisexual, silly at times, she hates liars and disrespectuful people, I think she’s going to bring fun to the house. 

Natalie, champion Tae Kwondo, wow, let’s see the guys give her a hard time, pow wow :) , she’s also a Polker Player, she’ll play this game pretty well I’m thinking.

Lastly there’s Rusell, mixed Martial Arts Fighter, will he connect with Natalie, both fighters, I could see them already exercising together, could they be in an alliance maybe even a secret one?

I have so much going on in my head when it comes to Big Brother, so excitted for it to start. Ok that’s if for my 1st Blog, hope it’s fine. Lots of love being sent for all that read it.. looking forward to making new BB friends here and reading all the Blogs.

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