First of all I had a wonderful weekend, visiting with friends at a Resort was amazing, a nice break so needed can’t wait to go back, just found out there’s internet there so for sure when I go back I will be bringing my laptop so I could watch the live feeds too if my boys let me.

I came back home to so much confusion going on online about the 13th house guest, so many speculations. I love to read novels, but all this information right now that I’ve been reading online has given me a headache.

I did hear the 13th house guest for BB11 will be announced tomorrow (July 7th) so before I totally get a migraine I’m going to wait till tomorrow and see what CBS announces.

In a positive note I heard that Ross Mathews from Inside Dish, will be taking over a sort of role like House Calls for Big Brother 11, after the House Guests will be evicted they’ll be going over to speak to Ross about their adventures in the House on Fridays. Too bad it’s not a daily show like House Calls were, I’m so going
to miss House Calls. Looking forward to watching Ross with the evicted BB House Guests.

3 more days to go :) “WooHoo” :)

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