So, it has come down to Britney and the 3 buffoons.  Given the four players left in the house, this is how I would like to see the game play out.  If Hayden is smart, he will keep Britney and dump Enzo.  Then he needs to make a final two deal with Britney.  

I predict that Hayden will win the final HOH as he has the best track record, in recent contests, of anyone left competing.   Although, Britney could give him a run for his money.  Lane hasn’t won much or competed very hard, which is a bit odd for him as he claims to be a “big time football star from Texas”.  Once Hayden or Britney win final HOH they dump Lane.  

Britney has many enemies in the house and likely won’t get many, if any votes.  I predict Brendon and Rachel voting for Hayden, as well as Enzo and Lane.  That gives Hayden four votes and the title without having to worry about the other three.

On another note, over the past few nights watching BBAD, I have come to the conclusion that this season has morphed from a “reality” show into a comedy.  With this in mind, it has become much easier to watch.    Case in point.  Britney and Enzo were talking about her acting classes and experiences and Enzo asked her if she was a “methodist” actor!  I laughed my a$$ off.  What is even funnier, Britney didn’t blink an eye or correct him.  These people give stupid a new definition!

Oh and then there is the egos of the 3 buffoons.  They are so busy counting the money that they will make after the show that they aren’t playing the game in real time.  Don’t count your chickens to soon fellas!

Last but not least, Enzo’s proclamation that the “brigade” is the greatest alliance ever!  Really!? It is obvious that he is not a fan of the show.  The Brigade better than Evil Dick and Danielle?  Better than Dr. Will and Mike Boogie?  Better than Jeff and Jordan?  Really??  Enzo, I don’t think so!

To all my big brother friends in TV land enjoy the rest of the season.

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