As a diehard Big Brother fan since Season 2, I am committed to finish watching this season, but honestly, I don’t care who wins.
Truthfully I don’t think anyone left in the house deserves to win. Without a doubt this has been the worst season of Big Brother in history! Why is that? I have a few observations.

Let’s start with the cast. This season was cast with a bunch of nice, but boring players. First, this cast, for the most part, seemed to be afraid of getting down and dirty and into the spirit of lying, fighting, backstabbing and back-dooring houseguests. When they did fight and lie; they apologized! Why? that doesn’t make sense. They are not on Big Brother to make friends, they are there to win $500,000.00 dollars. Secondly, I will never understand how Kathy, Monet, Lane and Ragan were cast. Again, nice but boring, and afraid to take a chance.

The production staff seems to be an issue this year also. Multiple house guests broke rules, but there did not seem to be any enforced penalties. Why? We as viewers observed the violations, why didn’t production. Also, dispite multiple warnings, the house guests talked about diary room sessions and production. Again, we as fans caught that, but no enforced penalties. Is production asleep or just oblivious to the violations? Or, is production trying to influence the outcome of the game by ignoring the rules?

It has also been rumored that Endemol is suffering financially. From my perspecitve, there seems to be some truth to the rumor as evidenced by the complexity of the games and challenges. The games just seemed to easy. I might also add that many of the players were throwing the competition as well. Which leads back to the casting question, as to why the players aren’t playing to win? That is agravating to me, because I would love to play the game.

And then there is the Saboteur parts one and two followed ad nauseum by Pandora’s Box. Why so many repitions? The Saboteur didn’t work the first time and got worse the second. One Pandora’s box is ok, but stop when you are a head. Can’t production think of other surprises instead of just repeating the ones you used?

Once this season concludes, I hope that CBS and Endemol take a good hard look at Big Brother as a whole and strive to make improvements for the next season. The contestants should not be able to predict the compeitions when the shows motto is “expect the unexpected”. I would hate to see a good show and concept die this type of death. CBS – Save Big Brother!

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