Well, so far this season isn’t much different than the past two seasons, because there are many of the same players. OK, at least there is some drama, but come on Allison G, this year  should have been another All Stars show or just a regular season, not a hybrid. 

Now, let me speak of Brenchel.  I CAN’T STAND THEM!   It was bad enough last year, but again this year too!  I did my best to remain positive at the beginning of the year, but it was soon apparent that neither Rachel nor Brendon learned anything at all from last season.  Although, I do yearn for another Rachel/Regan smackdown – that was classic BB TV.   All Rachel does is whine and cry when she loses and then fights with Brendon.   If she wins, then she is suddenly RachZilla Queen of the HOH for all time(however, she forgets that the HOH reign is only 1 week).  Does anyone see this pattern  of behavior as a little bipolar?    Brenchel loves to attack and humiliate, however, when other houseguests attack them, they whine and cry foul.  If you are going to dish, you better be to receive, because otherwise, you are called a sore loser.  Enough of Brenchel

I am very impressed with Jordan this season.  It appears as though she learned how to play the game.   Let’s face it, she was a floater in her first season.  It would be nice to see her make it to the end again.

With respect to the newbies, I don’t know what is up with that crowd.  Especially after this week.  Kalia is just an idiot, for lack of a better word.  She acts like a princess and thinks she has a good game – NOT.  Lawon, Lawon, what are you thinking!!  You don’t ever volunteer to be a pawn, especially when you have no competitive skills and very little, if any, social game.  This Wednesday and Thursday should be good for laughs!

As for the twist, I hope it is Cassie or Dominic that returns.  If either of them returns, that will sure put a knot is Rachel panties, oh, I forgot, she doesn’t wear any!

At least this season has had drama and that is why we watch the show.  I can’t help be think, how the show would be different if Evil Dick had stayed.  I can only imagine the drama!  So, Allison, if you are going to continue inviting previous houseguests back, please, PLEASE bring back Evil Dick!

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