I was just curious to see what you guys think about your 1st week impressions….were you wrong about what you originally thought about the HG’s?? Good or bad?? It’s still early and it’s really hard to tell from just the CBS broadcasts, you really do need the live feeds to get the full picture….I mean, I won’t miss a CBS episode but it’s really all in the editing…you never see an entire conversation from begining to end on there, like with the live feeds….

With that being said, here’s my take on my wrong 1st impressions….I thought I was going to like Russell….seemed like a killer in the ring, but a nice guy when you were up close and personal with him….boy, was I wrong about that!! He’s taken a page out of the 4 horseman playbook for sure, but in jackass kind of way! I can’t stand cocky people….and this guy’s in love with himself! I didn’t think I’d like Chima, turns out I was right about that one!! I didn’t think I’d like Kevin….but the jury’s still out on him cuz I think his inner “Josh-Dustin-Marcellas” is in there, he just hasn’t shown the real him yet…I could be wrong but we’ll see….

As soon as Natalie told her lie about her age, I didn’t think I’d like her…and I don’t…her cocky, almost mean type attitude irks me, especially when she seen her team had the power for the week…although everyone seems to be buying right into her lie about her age and I think it really has cut her some breaks with the other HG’s….I didn’t think I’d like Laura, I kinda still don’t, but I’m glad to see she’s finally stepped up and seems to be playing the game….I can’t stand Lydia…typical hypocrite….rips on someone(Jordan for crying) when she did the same thing, and I guarantee you we haven’t seen the last tears from Ho-ho Lydia….

Not sure about Ronnie, he seemed like he would be the game’s ace, but he’s let out way too much info….like, why would you mention that fact that your persuasive speaking champion? Don’t you think people are going to think about that when you’re trying to let’s say…PERSUADE THEM?? C’mon Ronnie! Then he mentions he’s watched every BB episode…which might not be a big deal, but you don’t TELL people that!! He’s not a good liar, and being able to lie, especially when confronted is KEY in the BB house!! He looked like the poster child for liars when Russell confronted him in the storage room about telling Braden….lol….

I don’t know….call me cheesy, but I’m liking the “good” side with Jeff, Jordan(love her!!), Braden, Casey and possibly Michelle! She’s probably the one I like most…and to me she is the biggest wrong 1st impression for me!! I thought with her being a boring looking scientist, that I wouldn’t be able to relate….but I was way wrong on her!! She seems cool, she’s cute….I like her alot!! Well so far….I’ll have to see how I feel next week!!

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