Even though some are ready to throw the towel in on the season, I think we’ve got a long way to go! There’s still plenty of time for things to change….have we not all seen this before? Where we like or dislike someone and we think we’ve got it all figured out and then BAM! Things change! So don’t give up people…still check out the live feeds and watch it play out live….cuz you just never know when the next game changer will be!

I’m hoping it starts now by Jessie NOT putting up Casey…I highly doubt that will happen…I think Casey will be on the block here in a little while….I think the pov ceremony is around noon, west coast time…so we’ll find out soon enough…but let’s look at the worst case scenerio…Casey gets put up and gets evicted….I had a feeling this could happen, that’s why I was basically willing to let Jordan go by writing about it earlier in the week….. I felt she wasn’t up to the task of taking out the other side…

But let’s say Casey leaves….This coming HOH comp is soooo crucial! Like I said….there’s plenty of time still for things to turn around but they gotta win HOH!! Let’s see how Jessie and his crew react when they’re not in power! What would be a classic moment, is if Jessie gets evicted on week 4 just like last year! How funny would that be?

I thought Jessie was playing a little better this season….but then someone let his ego in the house and here we go again! You can almost predict his mistakes as we watch this unfold! It’s like he can’t help himself….it’s just “me me me” all the time and up until recently he seemed to be putting himself in check….but the more the HG’s seem to be just letting him lead the way, the more the real him comes out and like I said….here we go again!

The new 4-way alliance between Lydia, Kevin, Jeff and Jordan could be promising, but there’s the weak link Lydia who I’d be just waiting to backstab, before she did it to me….And believe me….if those 4 really do stick together and wipe out the meatheads, I’ll give them a standing ovation!

I’ll openly cheer the TV set if they nominate and evict Natalie, who I can’t stand more and more every time I see her…and btw, since when is winning a bronze medal considered being a champion? That’s 3rd place in my book….so when they show her DR sessions, it should say “Bronze medalist”…not “Champion”!

So here’s my question for the day…Which HG, have you not liked up until now, but are now willing to root for them in order to get rid of the people you don’t like?? I haven’t been a big Kevin fan….but if he’s ready to play, and for the right side, I’d root for him….And on the flipside….I liked Michele, but I’m quickly turning against her….she’s the definition of a floater and she wears her emotions on her sleeve…. I just hope if the power flips, they see her for what she is and don’t let her back in the inner circle……

So do me a favor…Tell me who and why for your pick…I’m curious to hear this….

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