Call it a gut feeling…Call it Jessie saying that if the producers like you, they’ll do things to help you stay in the game….Call it Russell way overplaying his hand, call it whatever you want…. but for some reason I’m not feeling as confident as I was a couple days ago…

The live feeds have been addicting this week…to the point where I actually fell alseep watching them!!  But it just kept coming!

I wasn’t really feeling it one way or the other from Michele up until this week….I feel really bad for her….She’s not good at all when she’s put on the spot…and until I used the flashback feature on the live feeds, I actually thought SHE was lying!  That’s how bad she comes off sometimes!

Michele is like I don’t know…quirky….even when she’s been sincere, she almost seem wierd!  I felt sorry for her earlier….which up until now I really hadn’t….

I wanted to jump through that screen and tell Natalie to shut the F up!!  LOL….Jessie and Natalie are like the 2 lions that hang on the outside of a herd of other animals….and when they see the weak one, they attack!!  It shows their true colors as people….and I think they’re rotten to the core!!  I’ve been screaming since day 1 to get Natalie out of there, and I’m still saying it!!

She hasn’t won anything, got a huge advantage in the clique thing (even though she probably would have sucked up to Jessie anyways) and walks around like she’s the cats ass…no offense Cat!! LOL….She point blank came out and said that it was time to start lying…yeah nice strategy Natalie….NOT!  I guess when you have no game and you picked the wrong guy to be alligned with, you have no choice but to lie….and it’s driving me batty, cuz it’s WORKING!!

I mean come on HG’s!!  How can you not see that pretty much every single rift this week has been started by Natalie or Jessie??  It’s getting silly at this point!  And btw, lying and betrayal or not the only ways to win the game!!  I get sick of hearing that from people as an excuse for their bullying people around and their crap way of treating people…there are other ways to play the game!! Like I said…it shows their true colors….IMO, the might be “playing” the game, but they play it very much how they are in real life…if someone’s a jerk on the show, chances are they’re that way in real life too!

But back to my gut feeling…I think things are looking too good for Jeff and Jordan right now….I think they’re letting their guard down a bit….Jeff SHOULD get the “mystery power”…..but it doesn’t mean he WILL!  Let’s face it…there have been questionable America’s vote things in the past…and if you read the fine tiny little print in the games rules, I’m sure there’s a little clause about producers discression…meaning that they can do what they feel is in the best interest of the show!!

I’m not saying for sure….just don’t be surprised if somehow we get screwed tonight…..and if not that, something else….like Ronnie somehow staying…Michele is by no means stable…she could very easily vote for Lydia to leave…I don’t think so, but ya never know!!

I’m with Janet also on cutting my man Russell loose….I can’t root for the guy anymore cuz I just don’t think HE even knows what he’s going to do!!  I just don’t get why he’d honor the deal with Jeff and get Ronnie out, if he was gonna basically backpeddle and try and re-do what he already did!!  I guess the letter from his dad will have to take a backseat to him and Jessie’s ego’s….Booooo to Russell!! Not just for being an ass, but for getting me geeked that he was gonna be cool and wipeout Jessie and Natalie but ends up being a huge disappointment!! Anyways….so don’t be surprised after tonight’s episode, if there’s a little wrinkle in our plans…hopefully not… but we’ll see!!

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