Dammit dammit!  Things were just looking too good I guess huh!….well…here we go again!!  Before I get into this, I have to ask 1 question….Janet, do you ever sleep?  LOL…I mean I JUST got done watching all the events yesterday through live feeds, and BAM! Here’s Janet’s blog, describing it exactly the way it went down!!  Great Job once again Janet….Our ACE blogger here @ bigbrothernetwork.com!!

Anyways, it looks like we need to chalk one up for Jessie and Natalie….As they somehow managed to escape the madness last night, even though THEY could have been very easily caught up in the mess!!

Anyone’s who knows this game has to know that Jessie and Natalie are NOT going to sit back and let the chips fall where they may! No way!!  They’d throw their own mother under a bus if it meant advancing in the game!  Oh no, I place the blame on Russell…And that really sucks, because I really thought they (Russell, Jeff, Jordan and Michele) had something!  A real threat to go to the final 4, and then I could have lived with the winner no matter who it was…A sweet plan, with a good group…. Taking out who we percieve as the bad group…Great ending right?  WRONG!!

Just like I said last week, this game is always changing….Last week I was telling you all to give it some time and we would see some thing change, for the better!!  Well, it’s getting ready to change again!

Although Jessie and Natalie gained come leverage they really didn’t do damage to the ones that mattered…Jeff and Jordan!!  If Jessie and Natalie could get the house to flip on those 2, they might have a real shot…..But Jeff and Jordan got to watch this one from the sidelines!! That’s the good news!

The bad news is….Looks like that sweet 4 person alliance isn’t going to happen….And why??  Cuz Russell decided to trust Jessie! I always say how I’ll admit when I’m wrong….Well here goes!  I was wrong about Russell!!  I thought the guy would realize that once he started to ride with Jeff and Jordan, the he had to be done with Jessie and Natalie!  I can’t believe he could think he’d survive trying to play cool with Jessie!  But he went even further….He decided to trust Jessie and get all riled up about Michele!

Even though I’d still like to see Natalie go first, I’m still saying Chima’s gotta go!  She just spews the poison!!  I mean she actually goes into the diary room to ask what she can do to Russell….Proceeds to go outside to throw water on him and get him going!  Watch it yourself on the live feeds using the flashback feature!!  Then she goes back in to join her pack of jackals!  Hey Chima…If you’re such a badass, why not stay out there and have it out with Russell by yourself??

Cuz it’s in her best interest to make Russell look bad, so her lies don’t come flying out of the closet!!  Earlier in the week she admitted she didn’t think Braden was really a racist….She said what she said about him for gameplay…..That’s real nice Chima…NOT!! ….This girl is real piece of work and she’s gotta go!!  Notice how when she had no substance to her arguement, she started with the personal attacks on Russell’s ears??

She’s out of her mind….Like Russell said, no wonder she’s 34 and single…Can you imagine that rattling in the back of your head from her mouth all day??  Russell was alot nicer than I would have been..Look how she looks!!  I mean take your pick on what to rip on her about!!

Then there’s Natalie….Miss big mouth herself….Ummm Natalie, how about speaking up for your boy Russell!!  Oh that’s right….You only run your mouth when you think you got the house backing you!  The second it’s not in Natalie’s best interest to speak, THEN she shuts up!! What a complete snake!!  And more importantly….A phoney!!

Lastly, where was Jessie during all this?  Oh yeah….Playing the girl who just LOVES being played….Lydia!!  So I hope it’s not too late for Russell to get his head back in the game…Realize Jessie and Natalie were only there for him when it came time to rattle the cage, and nowhere to be found when it mattered!

I really think Jeff and Jordan are going to need him….They’re not out of the woods yet….Even if Jeff gets the mystery power!  We’ve still got a long way to go people!!  I don’t think Jeff and Jordan can face these demons with skin by themselves….

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