Well?? Everyone happy about last night’s events? I am just for the fact that Jordan didn’t win HOH! That was J/J’s only chance to remain in the house for the week!

Despite Kevin’s “promise” to not put Jeff up, I’m saying Jeff WILL be going up….maybe a BD plan, but I think Jeff’s going up! To use Jeff’s own words, “It’s time to feel the pain a little bit” ! LOL….As I said last week, I think getting rid of Russell will be Jeff’s downfall! There’s no use in rehashing my arguement on why this was a bad move for Jeff, I’ll just say that he jumped the gun bigtime on Russell, leaving 2 people(Kevin and Natalie) in the game, who were clearly on the other side pretty much the whole game…I think that will be Jeff’s big mistake…

I can almost hear Julie asking him at the finale show, “Jeff, do you still think it was a good move to take Russell out when you did?” I think if he’s being honest, he’ll admit after finding out what really happened with the LML and all, that it was indeed a mistake!! A fatal one in this game!! Jeff got Russell out cuz he was convinced Russell betrayed them….he chose to believe Jordan’s mistaken instincts to trust Natalie over big Russ!! I just don’t see how he was tricked that easily!! And I don’t see how Jeff believing that Russell was coming for them next week changed anything about Natalie and Kevin coming after him! They were coming guns blazing! Jeff could have made it 1 coming….not both!!

The LML was a lie….let’s get that straight right now! The people who say Natalie made up the lie but was telling the truth without knowing it, are wrong too!! Jeff WAS convinced that Russell would win hoh, and betray them(J/J)….The part he believed about Russell coming after him next week was a LIE!!! People are quick to say “Well even Russell said himself it was a good move for Jeff”….When Russell finds out the reason he was evicted (LML) I bet he takes that comment back! And did you hear his answer when Julie asked him if he would have betrayed J/J? He said not until AFTER the final 4! So those of you who thought Jeff was right to do this cuz Russell would have did it to Jeff next week were dead wrong!!

Now…let’s move on to current events…I haven’t been a big fan of Kevin simply because he hasn’t done much and has been on the side of some of the most hated HG’s ever! I think Kevin’s probably a nice guy in real life, but like I said….IMO he’s been with the wrong people and I don’t forget that!!

This week is different though! Kevin DID finally win something….a BIG something! I said it last week, I’ll say it again….Jeff or Jordan will be gone this week….As always, if I’m wrong I’ll be the 1st to admit it…but I just don’t think J/J escape the week without 1 of them leaving! Which for me, ROCKS!!! Sorry people, but their actions towards Russell/Michele last week were ridiculous, and I see more of the same coming for Michele this week!! The whole “This is a game” thing doesn’t fly with me….that’s the truth, it is a game….but it doesn’t have to be like that…they seem to be different people (That chest bump Jordan did to Russell was ridiculous btw…if anyone else did that I think we’d be talking penalty for sure) and for that…I wanna see them get stung a little….with one of them(J/J) going this week….

Let me make another thing clear….This is personal for me!! Of course it is!! And why wouldn’t it be? I’m not in the house…..I may be a BB geek….but not to the point where I put my feelings aside and look at it strictly from a strategic point of view….that wouldn’t be much fun now would it? Not to mention there’s a bunch of sites that blog about that….you know, just the facts or whatever….

So I’m saying time for Jeff and Jordan to feel a little pain…realize what errors they made by keeping Natalie around…after watching the live feeds after the HOH comp last night, I think they’re starting to realize that already! They’re starting to realize what alot of us seen coming…a train heading full speed ahead with J/J tied to the tracks trying to find a way out….sorry people but one of them’s going!!

Last thing real quick…did anyone else puke in their mouth a little when Lydia reunited with Jessie?? I wasn’t surprised one bit though!! I’ve always said Lydia was weak…I didn’t believe her “Go GF” hype about letting Jessie have it…Yeah right Lydia!! Go get drunk, go off the deep end again and slowly be erased from our minds!!

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