I hate to even say it….but it might be time for our little cutie Jordan to go!  That’s right people, I said it….As much as I like her, she just isn’t into this game, and I can’t see her winning anything or making any moves in the game at all!!  Sorry but I’m not a “showmancer” and it takes more than just being cute and nice for me to respect someone as a player!

Although it there might be some “Awwww!” moments when her and Jeff hang out, its getting old real quick and nothing irks me more then when showmances happen and those people are kinda just off to the side and not really playing the game!  When you’re starting to fall for someone, its amazing how petty things such as the game kinda get in the way!

Yes I’m being sarcastic…because I’m a little annoyed, but do you feel me on this?  I mean I love her to pieces, but Jordan is as dumb as a box of rocks…she’s not kidding when she doesn’t get stuff….and if she wasn’t such a little cutie, we’d all be like WTF?? LOL…

Look….I’m not trying to be mean by saying send Jordan home….but if there’s any chance to get the athlete’s and Lydia out, then Jeff or someone HAS to step up…and I just don’t think Jordan’s up for the task! She hardly knows how the game works, let alone being able to come up with a killer strategy!

She almost seems lost at times….like if she didn’t have Jeff to explain it all, she’d be in the DR for hours asking questions or something!! Like now for instance, the whole Ronnie thing is over…which drives me batty btw….that they’re gonna actually let Ronnie skate and remain in the house!!…..whatever to to them!!

And I mean all of them because had they pressed Jessie a little (hit the flashback feature on the live feeds to see how Jessie gave people a chance and they just didn’t give him a hard time about giving Ronnie a pass!)  I think he would have stuck with the house and got rid of Ronnie!  But they’re just like….”Ummm..ok, Ronnie can stay I guess” and Jordan’s still confused as to why people are even talking to Ronnie to begin with….

It’s like, Jordan…wake up and realize the game’s evolving! She still thinks it’s like 3 days ago when the house hated Ronnie and doesn’t get what’s going on…..I bet she’s gonna be floored when Ronnie stays…LOL….sorry…but it’s getting down to the nitty gritty here, and the athlete’s are well on their way to running the whole season…it’s gotta stop and I just don’t think Jordan can help anymore….

By a vote of 7 to 1…Jordan you have been evicted from the big brother house!

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