3 season’s and 2 full years have past since Evel Dick was a player in the game, yet we see signs of him to this day in the BB house!! As usual, DoctormisterMD had an awesome blog yesterday….he talked about Evel Dick, which got me thinking….

How may HG’s have thought when they entered the house that they too could be like Dick and go off and verbally abuse someone the way he did?? Easier said than done!! It’s like when something cool comes out….an idea, a product, whatever…and then we see the cheap knock off version!! Such is the case in the BB house!!

Let me make this clear….I am not an Evel Dick fan! I couldn’t stand him in the house, and rooted against him week in and week out! But I do respect him!! For those who don’t know, I am a musician….a metal and hard rock musician at that! I’m not limited to that, but that’s my preference….all that to say, if you knew me, you’d probably assume I love Evel Dick….and now that I think about it, he’d blend right in with my clique of friends! But I didn’t like Dick at all in the house…I thought he was a class A, A-hole!!

Notice I said DIDN’T like Dick, because I like him now….I like him much more as a person, than a BB HG!! And I know he has tons of fans who’ll bash me for saying anything negative about the guy, and that’s fine, to be honest I like the debate!! But ED is really a cool guy! I love when I hear him talk about the game itself, and things in general….he seems like a guy you’d like to have over for a barbeque or something but I didn’t always feel that way cuz I only seen him in the house!!

I thought his tactics were way way over the top and cruel to say the least, but at least he was original!! I don’t think his strategy going in, was to be a jerk, it kinda just happened!! ! I think Dick’s most harshest behavior came when he was trying to take the heat off Danielle and make sure he left before her! That’s being a good dad!! As much as he loved the game, he was willing to go before her…that’s truely selfless, not selfish!!

You’re probably wondering why the stroll down memory lane?? Because I get so sick of seeing players in the game thinking they can go all “Evel Dick” on someone….like that’s the only trick the guy had!! 1st off, he won the game! 2nd, he didn’t just wake up yelling at everyone, with no plan in mind!! Dick knew and admitted, in order to win the game he felt he’d have to survive 3 times being on the block…that’s thinking it out, and being realistic!! And where do you think Natalie and Lydia’s little skittle thing the other night came from?? That’s right! Evel Dick and Danielle used to do that…

Yes he lied, and didn’t keep his word to Eric, but he didn’t need to make up silly lies that didn’t even happen!! It’s like the Ronnie syndrome all over again with Natalie and Lydia! So Natalie, Kevin and Lydia should be ashamed to even mention Evel Dick, cuz they’re gameplay is horrible!! Didn’t Natalie just give Michele some song and dance about how she’s loyal and has never lied, blah blah blah…just to wake up the next day and say…hmmmm, I think I’ll make up a lie!! That’s no game…well it SHOULD be no game….

I thought Jeff and Jordan would surely shoot this down…but they were going for it!! Why? Cuz that little weasel Kevin, who up until now hasn’t did anything game worthy, NOW decides he’s gonna play!! This might be admirable if it were for his ass on the line….but for Natalie?? Are you kidding me?? Wow, for a girl who’s supposed to be this big toughie, she sure does know how to hide behind the guys don’t she?? Btw, you can really she her warped perception when she as crying in the DR the other night….talking about how the good people always get screwed or whatever…. that’s right people…in her mind…SHE’S one of the good people…amazing isn’t it??

In her mind, people were at home rooting her and Jessie on….how funny is that?? Then….if you were watching the live feeds overnight….you seen Kevin and Natalie like ripping on Lydia about the whole Jessie thing and how does Lydia respond?? She’s like, “Wah wah wah…you guys are being soooo mean to me!”…she goes on, “I have a big heart, that’s my only fault and you guys are being mean!” Those aren’t exact quotes….but you get the picture!

Hit the flashback feature on the live feeds and see it yourself…it’s ridiculous!! Instead of taking some constructive critisism, she gets a bigtime attitude and at one point refuses to talk to Kevin….gimme a break Lydia!! What, the truth hurt?? She’s one of them kinda people I guess, who doesn’t wanna hear it! Even when they’re wrong….even when they ask why, they don’t want to hear it!! They never ever want to hear anything that hold them accountable for their actions…I wish her and her whole super hero get-up would fly right over the walls and out of the house for good!!

Oh no wait…that’s what she wants…nevermind….keep her around, and send Natalie out…which btw, would drive Lydia nuts knowing Jessie and Natalie would be there alone! Hehehehe….I love it!

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