Can you feel it?   The almost eerie calm we’ve seen the past couple days??   Well you know what comes next right?   BOOM!   That loud blast of thunder, rain coming down in buckets, lightning, craziness!

Let’s face it, the live feeds HAVE seen better days….lol….well except Michele’s little top drop incident(one for the fellas!! lol)  but don’t you worry live feeds subscribers!….There WILL be some kick ass moments coming up here real soon!!

I think it’s sooooo funny that they(Jessie, Natalie and Chima) kinda got the mystery power figured out….but not really!  Even funnier is the way they try and convince themselves that Jeff shouldn’t use the power….yeah right!!  I mean how dumb would that be?  Jessie himself even admitted that Jeff should use it…if he has it!  Also, you know DAMN well Natalie, Chima and Jessie wouldn’t even hesititate using it, if the shoe were on the other foot!!  The chance to take someone out on the other side?  Just like that?  They would use it for sure!! Even they know that, no matter what words they say!

I love the sense of doubt and uncertainty that’s swirling around in the hoh room this week!  Those 3 are like torturing themselves thinking and talking about it….and I LOVE it!!  Yes yes….I’m enjoying this people!!  But I am sooo sick of hearing from the few people who claim this isn’t fair…how this isn’t Big brother….how the integrity of the show is in question, blah blah blah….even some of the previous HG’s in their blogs have openly criticized the CDT but said they could live with it because Jeff had it!

I have to disagree….no matter who won it!!  1st off….this point has been made numerous times before, but Jessie got a 2nd chance by being on this season, got handed HOH week 1, and had an advantage with having 4 in his clique…how is THAT fair??  But we all lived with it…Why?  Cuz this IS Big brother!!  Hello!!  You know….expect the unexpected??  Ever heard of it?  Of course we all have!!  This is a new twist because when it was in the game the 1st time, Boogie didn’t use it…I thought that sucked!!  Lol….I wanted to see it being played!!

Well guess what?  I think it’ll be for sure played this week, without question!!  The only thing that could screw it up now, is Jeff not putting up Natalie and Jessie!  He has to put them both up, to ensure one of them leaves!!  I hope he doesn’t try and just replace Lydia with Jessie or Natalie, thinking that he could just kind of piss them off, rather than all out pissing them off…. cuz then Russell could go, and Jessie and Natalie would both stay!!

Please….Jeff….PLEASE!  Put them both up….Give us a true gift….I don’t care how bad Chima goes off!  In fact, I WANT to see her go off!! I want to see her lose control and walk out herself or be thrown out!! Get 2 of the 3 out in 1 week!!  Yessssss!!  I know, I’m fantasizing a little here….I’d be happy with just Jessie or Natalie out….really I would!! But for me, the blowout afterwards is the real show!!

This Thursday will be like one of those big moments that you’ve learned to savour in the BB house, because you know that it might not last very long….like Janet said, Natalie could win HOH this week and then Jeff and Jordan would surely be at risk!!  I’m hoping not…but as I’ve said many times before, we’ll see…

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