Well….here we go again!  Just when we think everything’s looking good, you blink your eyes and have to ask, wtf just happened?? LOL….I can’t believe this crap with Natalie!!  Are you KIDDING me?? I’m seriously starting to wonder if Jeff and Jordan are gonna screw this up royally!

Ok…wait…let me get this straight…and I had to use the flashback feature on the live feeds to make sure this is really happening…but somehow Jordan feels some kind of loyality all of a sudden to Natalie?  I heard her telling Jeff that she wants to keep Natalie because she doesn’t wanna go back on her word on keeping her safe this week…again, are you KIDDING me??

How can Natalie go from being known as Jessie’s sidekick, to being thought of a possible switch to “our side”?  Ummm, hello!  Jeff and Jordan….there is no more our side anymore!!  The game switched….and it’s more like “find a partner” mode now…..so forget about Natalie!!  She should be thought of as the enemy and out the damn door!!  I mean, should it even be a question at this point?? Like…Jessie, Chima….Natalie!!  Gone!!  It even has a good ring to it! LOL…

They should have seen Chima leaving as a little fast forward to their plan and realize the game is full speed ahead now!!  There’s no turning back!!  Come on, Jeff drew the line in the sand when he put Natalie and Jessie up….When you do what he did, you absolutely have to go through with your plan!!  Unless something happens in the game such as you lose the power or whatever, but that didn’t happen!!  It shouldn’t even be a question right now….but it is!!  There’s a real possiblity, not only will Natalie manage to slither out of going home…. but Russell or Kevin could actually go!!

If pov’s used and Lydia gets taken off the block….that could happen!! WTF!!!!  LOL…and if Lydia remains on the block, she’s sure to go…and even that has me asking why??  Lydia obviously wants to go be with Jessie, so for that reason alone I’d keep her around!!  I’ll do ya one better….I’d send Natalie packing, knowing that would drive Lydia batty!!  Hell, Lydia might even walk out then!!

But no….somehow, like Janet said so brilliantly…Natalie got Jordan under her spell….ridiculous but true!  Well I blame Jordan for this one!!  BTW, I know exactly what you mean Janet….about Natalie’s head tilt…. her eye thing…her face twitching when she gets serious….it drives me insane because she’s SUCH a BS’er!! Anyways…yes, I blame Jordan!  They just get this thing with Russell and Michele worked out, and now Jordan’s questioning it again?? Makes me wanna say, “Go back to sitting in the backseat Jordan, and let someone else drive!! ”

Once again we see the hoh power trip in full effect….who would have guessed it would be our little cutie Jordan??  Jeff’s trying to keep her head screwed on straight….but she’s pushing…..and she IS hoh…so look out!!  It almost makes me wanna say they deserve it if Natalie wins hoh and turns around and nominates both of them!!  Give them a little BB sting!!

Well…there is one thing that could stop the madness….but it’s a longshot!!  Kevin can blow the lid off the whole LML(last minute lie) and expose Natalie for the liar she is….how she orchestrated the whole thing!  Turn the whole house against her for being who she is…a trouble making liar!!  I doubt he’ll do it, but Kevin could make her house of cards come crumbling down!!  And he should!!  I mean let’s face it….if they’ve decided Natalie’s safe this week….that means Kevin or Lydia is in danger!  Natalie could be taken down and Kevin could be put up, then it’s him or Lydia out the door!!  Come ON Kevin…please…expose Natalie…don’t be “that guy”…who sat there and did nothing as their picture eventually went gray…..

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