I have a new respect for Russell.  Last week I didn’t think I’d feel that way, but he’s proving to be rock solid!!  I thought maybe…just maybe he’d pull some crap and BD Jeff this week…But I’m finding out, that’s not the case…As usual, you needs the live feeds to really see the whole picture!  Don’t miss out on game breaking moments by not having them…Check out those live feeds people!!

Like alot of you, I was sooo geeked when him and Jeff made it official about their alliance and let me tell you why I think it’s legit.  Russell’s letter from home ended with a message from his “pops”.  Towards the end, he told Russell to remember that they are “moral” people and later we find out that Russell had a pretty interesting expierience with a bully at school and his dad advised him on how to handle it.

Russell kicked the guys butt, and the day after, sat down next to the him in the lunchroom, and he became best friends with him and he’s best friends with the guy to this day!  I think that was a glimpse into who Russell really is!  He’s a fighter and I think he bonds with people differently than most.

We’ve all seen fights or boxing matches where the guys(or girls) beat the living crap out of each other and then when the bell rings at the end of the fight, they embrace like they’re long lost relatives who  hadn’t seen each other in years!  I think the other nights hoh comp was Russell and Jeff’s hug at the end of a fight.  I think they bonded out there,and I think they’re gonna wipe out Jessie and crew, which for me rocks soooo hard!!

Ronnie on the other hand is truely a one trick pony!  I mean didn’t he get anything from all those BB episodes he watched other than to lie and betray??  Come on Ronnie…..You were given a gift being able to stay after the big blowout…Yet, he goes back to being the same old Ronnie before the dust even settled!

Ronnie’s best bet would have been to flip his role in the house….Kinda just fade off in the distance…Hang out poolside as the other HG’s rip each other to shreds with drama!  But he can’t…why you ask??  Cuz he’s cocky…He really does think he’s “the man”…He probably went through life without anyone telling him, “Umm, you’re not THAT cool!”.  He should have approached Russell just as a friend!  Not mentioning the game at all!  Let Russell think on his own that maybe Ronnie isn’t so bad!

But what does Ronnie do?  Goes right up and throws Jeff and Jordan under the bus by saying they were actually behind trying to BD Russell last week!  He couldn’t spill the words fast enough!!  The only difference being this time, Russell expected this from Ronnie, and that pretty much sealed his fate!!  Ronnie should have taken a page out of Jeff’s playbook and just hung out with Russell, talked about anything BUT the game…what a dumb dumb!

The reason I think Ronnie’s gone this week is cuz, Russell stuck to his word and I think anyone who doesn’t vote out Ronnie will be crossing the line in the sand that Russell has drawn!  He’ll take it personally if they don’t vote Ronnie out, and I just don’t think anyone in that house is ready for confrontation and an all out battle like that!!  Most kinda just wanna hide behind someone else….so keeping Ronnie would completely expose their game and show who they were loyal to….

Sorry Ronnie…too bad!  Not really! LOL….And as a parting gift for us hardcore fans, you don’t even get to go to the jury house!!  He can be back home in time to see what’ll be the hot new video games coming out…lol….see ya!!

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