I know, I know….Russell’s been no saint!  And I know I’ll probably get bashed a little here for defending Russell and even considering that he’s getting a bad rap!!  But I think he is….Let’s remember he DID honor his deal with Jeff!  How many times have we seen someone make that deal during the hoh comp, just to go back on it on nomination night??  Jeff or Jordan could very well be walking out that door this Thursday!!  At least give him credit for that!! 

If you’re a live feeds junkie, then you know this (and if you’re not, it’s not too late to be one by getting those live feeds!!)….But,
Russell’s saying that letter from his dad was a way for his dad to tell him to pair up with Jeff!  Kinda like “Hey son….Remember, you ended up being best friends with a guy you thought you hated, and look how that turned out!” and I think that’s a good thing because it layed down the foundation for Jeff and Russell…Or at least the possibility of a Jeff and Russell alliance to the end….

I know alot of people think Russell should be out….But I think it would be cool if Russell got with Jeff and Jordan and just wiped Jessie and them all out!  In my perfect scenerio, they’d go in this order….Natalie, Jessie, Chima, Lydia….Just boom!  Out the door….1,2,3,4!!

I really think Russell would be a loyal friend to Jeff, if Jeff chooses to go in that direction…I’m not convinced he likes Russell as much as Russell likes him, which IMO, would be a mistake for Jeff ….not to at least use him as a weapon to take out other side!  Why take the chance that crazy ass Russell stays with Jessie and Natalie and takes YOU out Jeff!!  Don’t get too cocky my man!

The Mystery power is only good for 2 weeks!  Don’t get over confident!….Some players make the mistake of thinking they’ve been through their bad times and it’s only good times to come, but the bad times can come right back!!  So Jeff, keep those eyes peeled, cuz I think there’s some bad times, creeping around the corner…

With that being said, Russell might be his own worst enemy…..He’s gonna have to pick a side…The 2 way thing isn’t gonna cut it for much longer!!  He’ll have to choose one side or the other….I hope he ends up with Jeff and Jordan….

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