I’ve heard some ridiculous claims in the BB house, but this one takes the cake!! Ronnie claims to be better than Dr. Will? Are you kidding me Ronnie? How about you last until at least the jury before you start making those claims! Maybe he was kidding, but I don’t think so….I think our little high school nerd really does believe this!! As always you can check it out yourself on the flashback feature, with the live feeds….

It takes a wee bit more than betraying your side to be considered a game master! I will say, if he does put Russell up and somehow Laura ends up staying, that would be a big move! I’m really not buying it though….even though his own teammates seem to want Russell out now, I think there’s still too much time until Thursday, and when push comes to shove, I think they’ll evict Laura!

Hopefully not cuz she seems like a person who will play the game her way and not the “group mentality and house voting” stuff we’ve seen in past seasons….I hate that btw!! I want people to do what they want and not do everything with the other HG’s “appproval”! That becomes such a bore and I really think Laura is dying to play the game!! So hopefully I’ll be wrong and Russell will be sent packing!

I really wish it was a double eviction week and Natalie and Chima would be voted out….I know, wishful thinking! But geez…Chima just will NOT let this race thing go! Does she even consider that she knew a guy for one week and came to those conclusions?? Like Kevin himself said, “Words are just words until you give them power!”…Well I guess that went out the window! And since Chima’s such an expert on racism in America, why oh why, do we not hear anything about anyone else’s racial or derogatory remarks??

Not to mention her whining and complaining….the latest complaint?? BB is cheap cuz the prize was 5 grand instead of 10….hey Chima, we are still in rough economic times here! With a show that probably needs to cut the budget in order to you know….stay on the air!! She has shown she has no respect for the game at all….and btw, shouldn’t it be pronounced (CHEE-Ma) and not (SHEE-ma)? I bet some people in her past have gotten a stern correction from her when they didn’t pronounce it her way!…LOL….peace out!!

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