Call it a gut feeling or whatever, but when I see Chima, I see trouble coming right up 5th avenue!!  I don’t think I’m alone in saying Chima rubs me the wrong way, but that’s not why she’s gotta go. She’s gotta go cuz she’s already played the “R” word card….and no I don’t mean the “racism” card, although she did play that when she got put on the block…how Jessie was a racist, how he didn’t like Libra last season and then he puts her up on the block the 1st week out, blah blah blah…..

No, I’m talking about the rape incident….and I’m by no means trying to say she wasn’t raped or whatever, cuz I really don’t know and if she was (which I believe she was btw) that’s a horrible tragedy and I’d never wish that upon my worst enemies, but to use that for sympathy for gameplay?  Wow!!  That’s a new low in the game….I don’t think it’s a coincidence that we hear Chima tell her story while she’s on the block (live feeds needed to hear this cuz CBS ain’t touchin it!!) ….and hey, if it works then big up to her!!  But if I’m in the house and that works for her?  Then my story’s going to be “Yeah I lost my wife and kids in a car accident”, etc…..even if her story’s the truth and mine’s a lie!

Add the fact that she said that she was casted and basically picked out as a favor, but couldn’t get into it on camera (see it on the flashback feature on live feeds) and let me add, I don’t like that at all!! Maybe that would explain Chima’s princess type behavior…. she didn’t go through the process of sending in a video, or going through the interviewing process like other contestents have! Plus then that opens the door for people to say maybe she’s getting preferential treatment or helping hand from producers or maybe she expects to be treated differently from her “favor” of being on the show.

Whatever the reason you seen a little of Chima’s behavior on last night’s episode, and it seems she didn’t like what happened to her…. is it because she expects to be treated differently??   She’s sinced backpeddled on wanting to leave…..but just her saying it already was a big turn off to hear and I don’t think Chima appreciate’s the show like any HG should!! See ya!!  Wouldn’t wanna be ya Princess Chima!!

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