Well people….we’re finally here! I for one, can’t wait! I’m sure most of you agree…which is really cool cuz just last week I was like, “Oh this sucks!!!” So once again I’ll give CBS their well deserved credit for moving the results of the final part of the 3 part hoh comp to Tuesday’s live finale, instead of having it Sunday where if Natalie did make it the final 2, the ratings wouldn’t have been as good as they will tonight…not even close!

I’m over here on the edge of my seat…and it isn’t even F2 yet! I’ll be happy if Natalie is sent packing right after the hoh comp..it’s what I’ve been waiting for all season, and to me 3rd place is really the worst spot in the game…..yeah yeah yeah, I know you make more money being on longer, and you can win prizes in the game that the people evicted 1st don’t get, but 3rd place?? Oh man! That’s like you got one hand in the cookie jar…and SMACK! Mom smacks that hand, where the shock of it happening hurts worse than the actual smack, and you walk away with NOTHING! You know how Natalie is….she’ll be thinking this, and re-thinking this for like 5 years if she ends up going tonight…rambling on and on to anyone who will listen! Meanwhile I’ll be here thinking that was indeed the fitting ending for her! Paaa LEEEZE let that happen tonight! LOL…I will literally jump off the couch and openly cheer! That’s just gotta happen! No?

Since none of us really knows if Natalie will be chosen to sit in those final 2 seats, it has opened up speculation all week…if she can actually win if she has the chance being in the F2….I don’t think she can win even if she’s chosen…but my opinion may be flawed because that’s what I want to happen! I’ve went over the jury’s votes…me and wifey sat down and wrote it down(yes we’re BB geeks!) and I just don’t think she has it….it seems that Jessie has totally turned on Natalie…I’m not sure if it’s Lydia being around him all day or if it’s his ego in full effect, thinking there’s no way Natalie should even be there and he’s in the jury house….Either way, that’s a KEY vote for her to lose….a vote I’m sure she’s counting on….so it may be interesting to see if she did make F2, her reaction to questions from everyone….the shock to her, that no one seems to like her…

Tonight’s final hoh comp will be 5 questions instead of 7….so that leaves less room for error! The winner needs to win 3 questions…I think this favors Jordan…and like Janet said before, if Jordan wins I’m thinking she may go with Natalie…if for no other reason to get Kevin for betraying Jeff…a revenge type move that could very well cost Jordan the big money…which she probably won’t care cuz she’ll get 50 grand anyways, and the “experience” of it all! LOL….I’ve bashed Jordan…just for ruining the 4-way alliance between Jeff, Russell, Michele and herself…..and let’s face it…she pretty much brought her whole side down by trusting Natalie…constantly in Jeff’s ear about it…..and I don’t think the “dumb blonde” thing is cute at all…I find it annoying, and I really don’t think she deserves to win…and that’s just cuz I don’t respect her game….I’m sure she’s a great girl…just a dummy in the BB world…

The only dilema for me is she’s facing Natalie and Kevin…2 people I like less than her, so I’m pretty much forced to root for her….and if she doesn’t make F2, then I’m pulling for Kevin…just cuz I don’t want Natalie winning….I’m sure most of you agree….if not, that’s fine too!! So go Jordan…if not her…Go Kevin!!

This is my final blog of the season….I just wanted to say a couple things…1st off Matt rocks the world! Thanks soooo much for the opportunity to blog like this all season! I think the way you got this setup kicks major ass! Plus Matt is such a cool guy! When you dealt with the asses of the world, you really appreciate the good people….Matt’s 1 of those good people…Great guy! I hope to know him for years to come!

I couldn’t begin to name all of you that supported me, agreed with me and basically had my back all season, but thanks sooooo much to each and everyone of you!! Even you Brian! LOL…But I do have to mention a few people….I wouldn’t feel right unless I did…

Janet….for sure our Ace blogger here! We had the same thoughts on alot of issues, and I think the world of Janet….I could go on and on about she cool she is….how nice she is….but lucky for me, you all know that already!! I don’t think there’s 1 person who could put her down or say anything bad about her! Well with any validity that is!! She rocks the world too! She’s my absolute favorite person here and the season just wouldn’t have been the same without her! Janet….I look way forward to your Survivor analysis!! I’m sure we all agree on that, right??

Mac…y’all know him as DoctormisterMD…I call him Mac cuz he said his friends call him Mac….what a great guy!! I loved his blogs….he always made me think, he’s an out of the box thinker and I love that!! He doesn’t proclaim to be a BB expert, but you’d never know that by his blogs! I think he’d be a great HG for season 12!! Think about it Mac…it CAN happen! LOL….this is another person I hope to know for years to come…

Again, I can’t sit here all day….but I gotta mention the great Cat! I said it before and I really meant it… My blogs just wouldn’t have been the same without her!! She always added in things, not just commented on what I wrote….she’s an independant thinker and has my bigtime respect!! I’ll miss Cat’s insight…..she really did fill in the gaps I may have left out in my blogs….you rock Cat!!

Susan, Teresa, June, Tr33, Gwen, Grammalilx11, Angie, Ashley, Nicola….you all added so much as well! You always made me feel so good reading your responses and I appreciate your backing me up and kind words in general! Thank you all!! Just a little side note here…I loved Nicola’s reponses! I wish she would have stuck around here at the end…and Brian…Brian, even though I get the feeling you don’t like the Killer too much, that’s fine because you were a huge part of the discussions…especially on my blogs! And for that I give you credit to my man! Whether we agree or not isn’t the point…Thanks to Brian as well!

I apologize right now for anyone I forgot…please, don’t take offense…it’s just the people I mentioned needed to be mentioned! If anything it’s my memory, not anything personal…I had such a blast this season!! I can’t wait til BB12…you KNOW I’ll be around right?? LOL…

Lastly….anyone from here can email me anytime for anything! Hit me up….killerk2007@hotmail.com…my myspace page is out there too! I kinda closed it down awhile ago…but I’m probably gonna get that going again too, if anyone wants to add me or whatever….myspace.com/killerk69

Peace out to the cool BB people!! I’ll check ya out next season…until then look for me to comment here and there on Survivor…See ya!!

Killer K

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