Wow….just when you think all hope is lost, you get a show like last night!! Yes Jordan’s win was huge and I’ll get into that in a sec, but the highlight of my night was seeing the former HG’s and seeing the jury is NOT for Natalie….The 4 former HG’s seem to be on the same page as most of us have been…..well except Danielle….and what is SHE doing on the same stage as the other 3?? LOL….I thought that rocked hearing them say what alot of us had been saying all along! That Jeff changed the whole game for the worse with his BAD decision to evict Russell! I can’t believe there’s still people out there beating the “Jeff made the right move” drum!! For the last time….Jeff screwed up bigtime!!

Now back to Jordan’s HUGE win!! Nobody seen that coming!! Especially when we seen what the comp was! Natalie has had her stupid calendar(which IMO is totally illegal…it should be house property…not HERS to hide!!) for awhile now….so when I saw it was just hoh order, as far as dates….I was thinking Natalie would SMOKE Jordan….but like Janet said in her awesome blog today, Natalie choked bigtime!! How about the fact that she forgot to name HERSELF in the hoh comp? Btw Natalie….no one cares to hear an explanation on your loss….she goes through the whole explaining thing….you lost! She needs to win 3rd place, which for me, would be a sweet ending!!

I gotta once again give the ever so cool Janet props! Yesterday I was all doom and gloom….you know, “It’s over, blah blah blah”….and she just wasn’t having it! She refused to believe that it was gonna end with Natalie winning….so I gotta say…THANKS Janet!! For giving me that verbal “smack to the face” I needed! Cuz then I went into watching the show with a different attitude, and it was a great show!! I’ve said it before….but Janet…you really do rock!!

Besides the big upset….we got to see the jury house…to me that was very satisfying to see Natalie hasn’t charmed anyone of them into thinking she’s a good player…even Jessie seems to be bagging on her! I almost wanna see her make it to the final 2 just to see her get bashed by the jury!! She thinks she’s liked by them? She’s not! But for me… her leaving right before the other 2 win 1st and 2nd would be fitting for Natalie’s big ending!!

Let’s give credit to CBS too! They totally saved their finale night ratings!! We all know if it was Sunday night….and it’s Kevin and Natalie F2, alot of people would have tuned out! Last Sunday’s ratings were cut in half after Natalie won hoh Thursday….so YES rating were effected when people thought she might win!! She’s that hated people! And she should be!! I’d love to see her lose…not even get 2nd….but I’m really convinced, even if she makes it to F2, she won’t win!! So all you new Natalie bandwagon people who’ve been tormenting us all week, go back to the woodwork you came from….and we’ll all be alot happier!

I’ll end it like this….How ironic is it that Natalie’s whole game depends on other people right now? Just like she’s been doing the whole game! She’s a floater of the biggest kind and even her big move with the LML, needed Kevin to pull it off…she’s pretty much needed others to make her game work…her lies, the instigating…all needed others to work! That’s why she’s not good….cuz it’s the other people’s stupidity in letting her do that…not her great gameplay! Now she’s left hanging in the balance….needing others to make her game work….as usual! I’m lovin it!!

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