I could almost hear the tv sets across the nation being turned off last night as soon as Natalie won hoh and started going into a rant about keeping her word, getting even for Chima, etc…Chima?? Who’s that? LOL jk…Boy what a mistake that was huh! Seems like anytime anyone starts talking crap like that, it comes back to bite them…so here we go folks…ya ready?? We’re rounding the clubhouse turn on a pretty crazy season!! And even though Natalie won hoh, I think the best it yet to come! Stay tuned!!

Before I continue, let me just say right now, all season Natalie has been one of the most disliked HG’s by far, but that’s about to change! Now that’s she’s won hoh and is guaranteed F3, there will be an onslaught of “out of the woodwork” Natalie fans…claiming how they were with her along, how she played a great game, blah blah blah….this is all BS people!!

Like I said, there hasn’t been many Natalie fans all along….but people like attention! Whether it’s good or bad…and they know by sticking up for Natalie they won’t get alot of love but that’s not their intent! They either just wanna argue or get attention by talking about a subject they know will get a harsh response….just wait….you’ll see it! Trust me on that…

We can’t let that happen people! Before she gets an arguement in her favor rolling, let’s shut that crap down!! I think not only has her gameplay sucked, I don’t think she’s a very good person….no use in sugar coating it! She’s the girl who like when Kevin took his hoh pics, looks at her pic and says “Cuteness”…She just LOVES herself…she thinks she’s just sooo adorable….we all know people like this..that’s why alot of us get ticked at her!

Sometimes you may have to lie in the game to further yourself or whatever….and then there’s the useless lie….a lie just because…that’s Natalie…she lies and lies and lies some more….I think it’s more the HG’s letting her get away with this crap style of play, then it is Natalie’s good gameplay!

If they would have wised up weeks ago, she’d have been lucky to even make the jury house! But they all know she lies….they just kinda blow it off, and if you let that person hang around long enough, it could be a bigtime mistake!! Such is the case with Natalie….

Ok hats off to Natalie for winning last night….I was convinced that she wouldn’t win anything….but she pulled a come from behind win…a true jab to the heart for most!! But there’s no use in crying over spilled milk…there’s also no need to be upset thinking that this season now sucks, it’ll be a disappointing ending, etc…I see this thing shaping up to be a great ending with Natalie finishing 3rd…gee I wonder if she’ll go around saying she’s a BB champion, like how she’s labeled a champion… when in reality, she’s a bronze medalist…

Ummm, yoo hoo! Where’s all the people apologizing to me for Jeff leaving last night? The regulars around here know I said getting rid of Russell was a big mistake for Jeff….well here we are, just one week later and Jeff’s gone! Although he isn’t ready to admit that was a crucial mistake in his game, I bet he’ll change his mind on that…just watch! Cuz it WAS a big mistake! A game ending mistake….not only that, he basically paved the way for Natalie…..instead of getting her out instead of Russell, she’s on her way to the F3!! I know alot, if not most of you were with me on that…but it makes ya wonder where those people go when they’re wrong??

So don’t be upset my good friends! Natalie will get hers…Kevin is already talking betrayal….Michele knows Natalie could win if given the F2 seat…and Jordan…well Jordan could be fooled again, but I don’t think so…I think all 3 have Natalie going on the brain! So I think it’s gonna be a case of, “So close….yet so far away” for Natalie! I’d love to see her get booed on her exit too…lol

Here’s how I see it playing out….I think Kevin gets the ax this week….I say Michele, and Kevin up….Michele wins pov(Hopefully!) then Jordan goes up…and maybe out, if it’s up to Michele….so then it’s Kevin and Michele against Natalie…Michele wins the first part(endurance), Kevin wins the second part…whoever wins takes Natalie out! They(M&K) were talking about this, just a little while ago…so it COULD happen!

So hold the ticker tape parades in Natalie’s honor new Natalie fans! She hasn’t got anything wrapped just yet! I think with her invisible power this week, her personality (that seems to have rubbed most of us the wrong way all season) will come out more to the HG’s and it’ll be just enough to put the icing on the cake that she’s gotta go!! Let’s hope!! lol…

BTW, NOW the conspiracy theories can start…..with Julie assuring us that this time, that pandora’s box could change the game…someone coming back?? Maybe?? Could finding that key be the pov comp and they don’t know til it’s over? Who knows….we’ll find out soon cuz the 2 hour….yes 2 HOUR season finale is a little over a week away!

Let the battle begin….

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