Well if you didn’t catch the action yesterday, after the crazy events the night before….let me fill ya in!

Michele rocked the pov…. that’s why the aliens were being seen by the HG’s…. it was the morphed face contest… with the faces looking like a combo of a HG and an alien…. Michele ROCKED it! Beating them hands down…. yeah yeah yeah… we all know that… but what happened last night has got me smiling from ear to ear right now!!

Even after the terrible backstab from J/J… Michele approached Jeff with a new deal…. A final 2 deal… and not only could it work…. I’d love to see it happen!! 1st off, before anyone comes at me thinking I’m a flip flopper, and can’t make up my mind on the J/J thing, hear me out!!

Yes Jeff and Jordan were mega-stupid for not trusting Russell over NataLIE and Kevin…. for that I was calling for their heads! Mainly I wanted to see them pay for their mistake, with one of them walking out the door because of it… hence the post I made, “Time to feel the pain!”… Well Jeff’s feeling some pain! He seems to realize his mistake… well kinda…. He admitted he was looking too far ahead, thought he had the money in the bag and didn’t honor the final 4 deal… He still hasn’t put it together that Natalie is the bad apple spoiling the whole bunch… but Michele has!! And I love her for it!!

Michele told Jeff, to approach Kevin about getting rid of Natalie… to tell Kevin that both Jeff and Michele would take him to the final 3 IF he keeps Jeff in the house! Wow…. what a girl that Michele is huh?? When everyone else seems to pile on when it looks like someone’s out the door, Michele finds a way to use it to her advantage AND is nice to Jeff in the process! That’s cool as hell in my book… and after the way she was treated by J/J, it’s really big of her to be that way!! Most…. that’s right MOST people wouldn’t be able to put their personal feelings aside once they’ve been dissed by another HG….

So now it’s up to Kevin…. will he turn on NataLIE? Will he at least vote to keep Jeff if he doesn’t put Natalie up? Who knows…. I thought he should have kept his options quiet, but he didn’t! He ran to Natalie and pretty much spilled the beans… DUMB! Now Natalie’s clued in to what’s up… and what’s her big strategy? To LIE some more! I mean come on!!

She should be happy her little lie worked to get Russell out…now she’s gonna try it again? That shows me like I’ve been saying the whole time… Natalie HAS no game!! I can’t stand it with her mouth running, “Oh I can win when I want to…blah blah blah”…Even Kevin had to tell her Michele cleaned their clocks in the pov! Get over yourself Natalie! You’ve done nothing… well except taking a page out of Ronnie’s playbook to lie some more…. Yes it worked to get Russell out… Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while!

This time Natalie brought up the idea of trying to get Michele to NOT use pov on herself…. but on Jeff instead…. yeah right!! No way she does that! When Kevin and Natalie brought this up to Jeff he was like, “So you want me to have her take me off, then betray her and stick it to her like that? No… I’m not doing that” which made Natalie pissed! Ha ha little girl… not everyone falls for your BS when you snap your fingers!

That shows me Jeff’s learned his lesson..it shows he’s not a true scumbag…. he IS a decent guy…and now he deserves at least the chance to redeem himself…. I hope it’s with Michele…Jordan said she’s willing to fall on her sword for Jeff… let’s hope she means it…. being that SHE’S the one who trusted Natalie over Russell and put that alliance up in flames….

This could really be a great week if it ends up being Jeff, Michele, and Kevin in the F3! Cuz that would mean Natalie would be OUT!! And that’s what she deserves! 4th place!! Ha ha! Another btw, did you hear Natalie’s latest lie? She said her supposed BF can’t make it to the wrap party cuz he has some wedding to go to…when asked the date, she didn’t know….sounds to me like she’s spinning another useless lie…I bet that’s not even her BF….she probably doesn’t have one… but again, NOBODY called her on it… as usual… please…. I’m begging…evict the wanna-be champ now!!

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