Wow what a 1st week!!….The live feeds are gonna be where it’s at this week people! Don’t miss out!! Like alot of others, I’m still reeling after last nights eviction….I can’t believe Ronnie who’s supposed to be this season’s mastermind, would make a move like he did last night! I think he’s put himself in a situation that will completely expose his game and show exactly who’s side he’s on! As we all know, you can only play both sides for so long…his problem is, he thinks it’s his game to lose….he thinks people believe him and that’s why I think he’ll put up Jeff, Jordan, Laura or Casey…telling them he has to do that to BD Russell….then no matter what happens at POV, he won’t put up Russell and his game is done!

I think by voting out Braden last night, he chose which side he wanted to ride with….and I just can’t see the meatheads being faithful to Ronnie…he’ll be known as Ronnie the rat, in and out of the house….and I don’t know about you, but Ronnie is NOT a good liar…Yeah right Ronnie, persuasive speaking champ my butt!! Soon he won’t be able to fend off the pressure of the truth…soon both sides will demand in front of everyone, to admit where he stands….he’ll look stupid….but even more so when he leaves the house and thinks how he way overplayed his hand and basically ruined his chance, I could be wrong but we’ll see….

That brings to me to little miss troublemaker Natalie…wow, I never met an 18 year old that argued that aggressively, how can they buy into this lie??!! I mean she doesn’t give an inch!! She never ever admits any wrong doing, and nobody can be THAT perfect and I’m sure even her own clique sees this as a possible problem with her….hence the name “scrappy”…..I absolutely hate how she always gangs up on people…Kevin and Lydia also…can they ever stand on their own 2 feet and argue without 3 or 4 friends backing them up?? I mean it’s a little easier to win an arguement when you got 3 or 4 people just throwing various things at you…it makes it hard to defend yourself and even harder to make your points!

She just seems to always be stirring the pot with BS….and for a girl who’s supposed to be 18 years old, I feel she’s way overplaying her hand! She hasn’t had any problems since being in the house, so it’ll be nice to see when she does…I don’t think she’ll be half the player or mouthpiece, when she’s standing alone….I mean did you see the look on her face when she argued with Jeff earlier in the week? She didn’t have her friends egging her on….and looked very nervous….to the point where she almost didn’t make any sense….so hang on Natalie dis-likers! She’s irking us now…..but it’ll be way fun when she falls, and trust me…she WILL!!….I’m making this prediction right now….when she does fall apart, she WILL play the poor little 18 year old…tears and all….I can see it coming right up 5th avenue! Peace out to the cool people…..

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