We all know that lying is part of the game, and Natalie wasted no time starting with her lies….

1st, she tells everyone shes 18, even though she’s 24 and then doesn’t admit to being involved in martial arts to her own clique! My question is why??

In the game you have to pick and choose your lies, and I don’t think she realizes how hard it’s going to be to keep up with the fact that she’s not 18!! I mean maybe people she’s around always tell her she looks younger than she is, but 18??

I don’t think she’s gonna be able to keep that under wraps for long without messing it up….it only takes a split second to say something and bam! Her whole plan is screwed!!

If people find out she lied about that, I think they’ll wonder why?? Cuz if you think about it, how could either of those lies benefit her in the game?? Once you get past an opening conversation wih people, age doesn’t even matter…does it?

Maybe she doesn’t want to be viewed as a threat by admitting to being a tae kwon do champ or whatever, because she thinks it’ll make her a target….I think her lies and over confidence in her strategy, could very easily make her target way faster than her age and athletics!

Could be a bad move Natalie!!

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