The dust has settled in the house, well kinda….The evil 3 are determined to turn this into Jessie-mania, but the big CDT week is over and the results we’re kick ass!!  I couldn’t be happier about that!! I think the big event was overshadowed by CBS doing a non-live version for eviction night, like Janet said, for the 1st time in 10 years!!

I don’t wanna keep banging this drum, but wtf??  Are you serious? Again, like Janet said, Chima should be given a penalty nom for sure! I mean come on, we watched Jen(BB8) get a penalty vote for eating while on slop, why the special treatment for Chima??  I too question who she knows at the network for her to be able to get away with her actions!!

She’s openly taking the show hostage??  She’s threatened to sing, swear or whatever to disrupt the show and we’ll never really know what happened….which I think it just ridiculous!!  These big game changing, jump up and cheer moments only happen every now and then, and let’s call it the way it happened….we got jipped!  Plain and simple….it’s hard to even defend it!!  The only comments from Chima that were shown were about swearing if she wasn’t let in the house…and how she needed to talk to producers….come on BB producers!  Stop protecting her!!

They could have very easily did the CDT and HOH comp towards the end of the show where there just wasn’t enough time for her to go through with her plans to act a fool!!  Then we could have truely seen what happened….

The aftermath that we actually did see, was ridiculous to say the least!!  I think her comment comparing herself to the twin towers on 9/11 were way out of line!!  That should give us a glimpse into the mind of self centered straight up man-hater!!

She’s looking like that crazy obsessed ex-GF who just can’t stop hating her ex!!  BTW, I LOVED her grandma…I loved what she said about Chima…that she needs to stop thinking that she’s just so right about things….too bad Chima isn’t more like her!!  It’s pretty bad when your own grandmother doesn’t defend you!!  Her constant threats have made me wonder why the producers put up with her crap!  Let her go!! I think Jeff said it best last night, outside talking to Jordan and Russell when he was like, “Geez Chima…cheer up!  Why even come on this show!  People would die to be here!”….Hopefully she’ll be gone shortly….

Natalie, get your bags packed!!  Ha freakin ha!!  Here’s another one’s who’s out of touch with reality….she wants to complain about the CDT, how about this for a concept Natalie?  If America liked you, then YOU could have won!!  Take that as a clue!!  She was all like, “Screw America”…basically screw you and I….the BB fans!!  No Natalie…SCREW YOU!!  I just hate the bad things she says about people, not playing the game, being a floater or whatever, and look at her!!  Jeff’s done nothing??  No YOU haven’t done anything Natalie!

Last but not least is the attention whore herself…Lydia!  I once said she needed a T-shirt that “Please love me”….Well now she needs another one that says, “Pathetic”….in big bold letters!!  Cuz she really is off the deep end….did you see her explaining how to stab a guy and stick and turn it so you can do more damage?  Oh yeah…she’s a real winner….NOT!!  Lydia’s so stupid and begging to be used to the point of not even hearing Chima saying how much Jessie liked Natalie…Umm, hello Lydia!  Did you hear that??  Not you…NATALIE!!  He just got  favors from you….he really LIKED Natalie….yet Lydia sits there….oh boo hoo hoo….poor Jessie or whatever….In the real world Lydia would be the girl that doesn’t get called back, left to be alone and to wonder why?  Stop being such a weak woman Lydia!!

Those 3 were saying they all wanted to leave last night….if I’m a producer, I’m like see ya!  In fact I’d purposely kick Chima out right now for her actions…We can start the double eviction week early!!

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