Wow was I wrong about Laura!  I thought she might actually be good at this game!  What happened?  Where did her fight go? Is she really that ready to just give it up and be the 2nd person voted out?

I mean if you watched the feeds, you seen her talk about actually being home in time to do work on Friday?  I mean WTF is that!!?? As I predicted, Ronnie’s betrayal continues!  Russell was never going to be put up….I think Ronnie knew this the whole time…Once he made his decision to vote out Braden, he chose who he was gonna ride with!

He’s got this image in his mind…him and Jessie sitting there at the end….America loves it….he wins….The brains and brawn alliance…maybe one of the greatest game plans ever hatched…LOL…are you laughing by now?  Because nothing could be further from the truth!!  But I’m serious, I think Ronnie knew he would never get rid of Russell….at least not this week….no no, his plan was dismantle Jeff, Jordan, Laura, Casey and the ever so shaky Michele!

Ronnie knows he can’t bring anything to the table with the meatheads unless he wiped that side out…then he’ll have a claim…he’ll have their respect, or so he thinks…I also predicted yesterday that Ronnie would never make the final 4, and I was right about the POV replacement thing, so I’ll probably be wrong about this, and he’ll torment me all season long!

I agree with Janet, in hoping the good side isn’t wiped out, cuz we need cool people to watch on the feeds!  And here goes another claim from me, and I’m sure we all see it coming right up 5th avenue, so it’s really not a big leap or anything, but unless Jeff or Jordan wins HOH this week, they will be out the door next!  People, you know the game!  You know Michele is just dying to be liked….she’s not gonna go against the “house” when it comes to nom’s if she wins HOH…same thing with Casey, he’s just a deal away from flipping against Jeff and Jordan…so for me at least, It will SUCK bigtime if Jeff or Jordan doesn’t win HOH!!

I seriously can NOT believe that they didn’t tell Ronnie about what Russell said about his wife!!  Are you serious??  As much as Ronnie goes on and on about his wife?  I mean I’d even consider making up something that someone said about his wife, if it would push his buttons! But Russell actually DID say stuff about her, so he couldn’t deny if brought up in front of others….Come on HG’s!!  That’s basic BB 101 if you’re on the block, no?  Maybe Laura’s had it…but it’s a shame…I really thought she’d shake some things up in the house!

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