What a crazy day/night in the BB house huh!!  Wow! The live feeds people!!  That’s where it’s at!!

We all seen Julie mention a secret room on Thursday….Well it already came into play!! We might have to wait until Tuesday’s CBS episode to get the full details but from what I seen/heard about it…. it looked crazy!! Kevin had a choice to pick something positive for the house or something negative for the house….he chose something positive, but then he got locked in the room until Jeff ended up finding the key and released him! Kevin said something grabbed onto him and locked him in the room…He said it scared him!! That’ll be soooo freakin funny to see!! LOL… I don’t know the full story….but the HG’s got 10 grand, I don’t know who gets what or whatever, but they all seem to think this is some sort of Pandora’s box….by taking the money, something bad’s gonna happen! I can’t wait to see what’s up with that!!

I’m hearing sketchy details about how they discovered the money, in that Natalie tried being selfish about it…only releasing details when she had to…maybe she thought she’d get all the money, or know a secret all to herself, who knows….but it doesn’t surprise me if that was the case…At one point Jeff was calling her a snake for knowing things but not releasing details…so it sounds to me like Natalie was being her greedy self…thinking only of herself(of course!) and I guess at one point, she knew about the key or something but didn’t tell Jeff….I don’t know, we’ll have to wait and see the whole thing….but if that’s true about Natalie being a little snake like that, maybe this will make the HG’s see the Natalie we’ve seen!! Hopefully….

Michele, you GO with your bad self!! You rock!! She overcame the house and won that POV! She was once again a mess before the comp….not knowing the damn thing would be a midnight comp!! But she won!! And I’m so glad she did cuz I was starting to question Kevin’s nom’s…wondering if he really didn’t want Jeff gone…cuz he put up Michele and Jeff…what if Jordan would have won POV and took Jeff down?? Then Natalie would have went up and possibly gone….but I think J/J would have voted Michele off…which have pissed me right off!! LOL…

That’s not the case though!! As long as that Pandora’s box thing doesn’t come into play to save Jeff (You know like… for him finding the key he gets some kind of priviledge? That would be ridiculous, but you never know!! ) then I think Jeff will be out, as predicted by many of us here…BTW, it is nice to see Jeff at least see and admit his mistakes…by looking past Natalie and Kevin, thinking he had it wrapped! And he’s right! That jury house is going to be soooo happy when he comes walking through that door!! He even said it himself, “I got GOT!!” and I was like, “Yep…you sure did, and rightfully so!!” However, I don’t agree with him telling Jordan to stick with Natalie…like what?? Jeff…come on man! You STILL don’t see it’s Natalie?? Ughhh….whatever!! LOL…

Now that Michele is coming down, and hopefully kicking ASS in the next HOH comp…I think we can take our worry factor down a few notches…Sweeeet!! Another great day in the game…..I love it!! Haha….

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