Well here we are again….the night before BB11′s 1st episode on CBS tomorrow…As usual I’m hoping for big ratings cuz as you all know, low ratings usually means cancellation…which would suck!!

So even though I’m a little skeptical about the cast and the new “groups”, I really do hope they smack this one out of the park!! Just a few things to mention here real quick….Although I haven’t actually seen him on the show, I’m thinking Kevin is gonna be an over the top gay guy….which seems to be the norm anymore as far as casting, which makes me wonder, why?? Does there HAVE to be a “Dustin” or “Josh” or “Marcellas” type everytime?? How about a regular gay guy like Stephen from BB10?? Or how about this….does there HAVE to be a gay guy at all?

I just think they should go into casting with more of an open format instead of making a list and checking it twice…And maybe I’ll be wrong and things will turn out good, but dividing people into groups of 4 before the game even starts, might not be a good idea….first off, they might as well have just put them into 2 groups…cuz let’s face it “popular” and “athletic” are pretty much both the same types of people….and the same could be said about “brainiacs” and “offbeats”! So that pretty much divides the house before it even begins!! Which I don’t see how that could work out to be a good thing….because I’m sure people aren’t just gonna stay with their “group”….it would be kinda foolish, no?

But I’ll wait and see how it that plays out before I disect the whole thing….and please BB producers, if you are going to bring back a previous HG (BTW, the bringing people back thing is like beyond old isn’t it?) Please please, don’t let it be Sheila! But that’ll be another post…just wanted to get my first post up on here, and I’m looking forward to a great season here….peace out

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