Yep…that’s pretty much it!! Turn out the lights, the party’s over! I’ve been trying to think of anything positive that could come out of this, but it’s not looking good for us hardcore BB fans!

I mentioned last time how the new Natalie fans would be coming out of the woodwork, and I’m sure you all have seen that….to me it’s almost hilarious to even defend Natalie at this point but some find the need to do just that!! Ok fine….you want credit from the Killer? Here goes….

Congrats Natalie or Kevin…to whoever wins! I’m pulling for Kevin simply cuz he’s stepped up his game and he’s the lesser of 2 evils…but I’m not a big Kevin fan or anything! I pretty much hate the floater thing…whether it’s successful or not isn’t the point, it sucks to watch! Point blank! Anyways, Congrats to them…because as much I dislike/borderline hate Natalie, you have to give credit to anyone who comes into the BB house and ends up in the final 2! There’s so many twists and turns and obstacles to go through, that even if I don’t like the winner or the way they played the game, they deserve credit, cuz it’s not easy!!

So there new Natalie fans…you happy? I gave your girl the props you feel she deserves! Don’t think that was easy neither!! I can’t stand that girl and let me tell you….I’m not alone, not even close! She may be the most hated ever….the problem I have is, due to casting so many jackass type personalities, it wouldn’t have mattered even if Natalie would have been evicted! The same thing could be going on whether it was Ronnie, Chima, Lydia or Natalie…one of them was going to torment us of they made it to the end!!

Without coming off like alot of other bloggers out there, I wish they’d do a better job casting people who actually want to be there, and have respect for the game itself!! I’d much rather see 13 fans of the show be casted as opposed to people who are approached by BB producers trying to create drama! But whatever….I won’t waste time with that….or with saying this is the worst season ever, cuz I don’t think it is….worst ending? Probably….but not worst season….

Now that I got through the whole “Giving credit where it’s due” thing, I’ll go back to being me and tell you I can’t stand Natalie! I think she deserves even more credit though…more credit you say? Yep….she deserves credit for bringing this show to a grinding halt! She deserves credit for the ratings tank….which I’m sure they will! And most of all, if BB ends up being cancelled(like the UK BB) she deserves props for that as well!!

When I heard the finale was going to be 2 hours this season instead on 1, I thought that was gonna rock!! I thought, “Yes! Finally!”…but now I can barely stomach the thought of it!! I got a feeling this whole season is going to be known as Natalie’s season….the whole thing! Her age, her gameplay….the questions from the jury, all Natalie! Which for me sucks!! Even if she doesn’t win…she will obviously be the talk of the town that night….ughh! That sucks soooo bad!!

Call me a sore loser if you want…but this sucks! BTW, can I really be a sore loser if I didn’t play the game?? NO!! And I’ll ask those people using that phrase right now, when you watch like a sporting event….when you’re team loses…do you go on and on about how good the other side was? NO!! You root for your team and if they lose you get upset!! So stop thinking any of us that aren’t happy about this ending are sore losers!! Like I said…anyone feels that way when their side doesn’t win!!

Let’s not sugar coat it…the show’s in jeopardy! There’s no guarantee there will be another season….so as you bandwagon Natalie fans cheer your girl but keep in mind, you’re also cheering for what could be the end of the show!! Sadly, those bandwagon fans don’t care anyways….they’d probably blog for hours about how were all losers for even liking BB to begin with! But for us who love the show….this isn’t good…sure it’s good to have a couple villians….and if they get outnumbered, people will root for the underdog….but casting so many “All about me” people sucks!!

I’ll get into the BS Natalie’s been getting away with later….which for me is total crap! I’ll write about that soon….but for now, I’ll just say…any pandora’s box comp should have been explained to the others! It’s not fair one bit for Natalie to pick and choose what she wants to say about that! It’s a house game…there’s no way she should be allowed to not tell what’s up with that!! In fact, it shouldn’t be up to her when they find it out neither! The rules/choices should be right up on the TV screen…cuz had she thought a little quicker and came up with a better lie, she may have not told them the whole story! By not telling them, they use that misinformation into their gameplay and that’s ridiculous!

Last thing I’ll mention….what kind of CRAP is that, when her BF tells her about what bloggers have said about her?? I mean that meeting wasn’t broadcast live, so who knows what was actually said! So much for the integrity of the show huh? Is it that hard to have someone sitting there with them making sure they don’t break the rules like that?? It’s absurd for her to have been told anything about the outside world…that’s like the main BB no no!!

Like I said…another time, another blog…..just everyone realize….at a ratio of about 9 out of 10, we HATE this final 3….we won’t even entertain Kevin choosing Michele to stay….as much as CBS teases us with that….we all know….Kevin’s NOT picking Michele to stay…as much as we wish that would happen, it’s game, set, match for us….

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