We’ve all heard it before…we’ve all probably lived it too! The old saying, “Don’t count your chickens before they hatch” ! What are these people thinking?  Pretty much all of them are openly planning what they’re going to for the next week coming up, and beyond!  Like Natalie…Umm, how about you win HOH before YOU decide who’s going the next week…geez!!

While it’s always a good thing to be prepared, and to have a basic gameplan in mind, it’s almost stupid to be thinking that far ahead, when you just don’t know what will happen in the BB house!

You got the athletes laying down the ground work, like that’s what’s GOING to happen, and anyone who disagrees will be bullied right out the door….Lining up the pecking order….Who will go and when, saying “If you don’t go along, you’ll be gone next”….What kinda crap is that?  How are these tools able to openly state these things as if they’re fact, but haven’t happened yet, and everyone seems to be like fine with it….It’s driving me crazy!!

I mean yes, Jeff and Jordan are on to it, but so far that hasn’t mattered.  Casey’s on to them and ready to take the entire side out himself, the only problem being, he’s probably gone this week….The new 4 way alliance between Kevin, Lydia, Jordan and Jeff is questionable at best….Not to mention big mouth Michele flatens the tires on that machine before they could even get rolling by telling Jessie and crew the whole plan…Which sucks!!  Nice going Michele!!  NOT!!

If you watched the live feeds or BBAD last night, you seen the scrambling and waivering with Kevin and Lydia!  I really don’t think they’ll take a stand against Jessie’s side…Even if either of them wins HOH this week….I mean they’re like throwing each other under the bus, and I know those are just words…The actions are what counts, but I just can’t see Lydia going against Jessie when it matters…No matter how bad she talks bad about Jessie, she’s obviously falling for the guy…Even though we can all see she’s gonna get burned!

She should wear a t-shirt that says, “Love me…please!!”…I almost feel sorry for her, until I remind myself that she brings it all on herself…She tries to portray herself as this strong independant woman, but it’s the opposite…I’d bet she’s had a string of bad relationships…Guys and girls, so maybe Lydia needs to get a different gameplan as far as that goes ….Sad but true

Kevin on the other hand, is just as shaky….He hasn’t burned anyone yet, or been called out on anything cuz up until now he’s been able to stand on the sidelines, watching the game being played.  As the game rolls on, Kevin will be backed into a corner and made to chose who’s side he’s on…If he doesn’t take a stand, he’ll be viewed as playing both sides, so I don’t have much confidence in him anymore.

I’m anxious as always to see the live feeds to see maybe….Just maybe Casey can somehow figure out a way to swing the votes and stay in the house, for the big battles coming up!!  If not, it looks like a 2 member gang…Jeff and Jordan to take on the other side!  If the season is to turn out the way we’d like, one of those 2 has to win HOH this Thursday!….Or it could be over real soon for the good guys…..

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