I heard Ronnie saying when he got out of the BB house, he was going to ask his wife, how he was perceived on the CBS show, as well as the live feeds

I’m hoping Ronnie goes on a little binge, sits down in front of the computer for like 4 days, eventually ends up on bigbrothernetwork.com and reads this…Yes, it could happen…lol….so just in case…here we go..

Dear Ronnie,

I gotta tell ya man, when the season first started I thought you were a lock to be a fan favorite…Just like most of the hardcore fans who watch the show, I’m sure you were on the sites blogging away your opinion during previous seasons, got the live feeds and all that. So you were in place to be the “Fan fav” who everybody loved and could relate to!

Instead you took your great opportunity, and flushed it down the toilet!!  It can’t feel too good sitting at home like the rest of us, knowing you were JUST in the house!!  So I thought I’d take a minute here to give you an opinion you can take to the bank, cuz you know you’re wife isn’t even going to come close to telling you the truth….She may tell you what you want to hear, but you know as well as I do, that’s not the truth!

I could sit here all day bashing you, from how you played the game, to your ridiculous self centered logic that ultimately led you out the door!  But I’ll get to the point…YOU not Michele, are the reason you’re sitting there today….out of the game!  Now you’ve forever put a label on yourself…and it’s not a good one!  The next shirt you should get printed up should say, “Wasted Opportunity”! Cuz you blew it bigtime!!

All the hard work, the process of getting on the show, GONE before you could even be on the jury!  That’s terrible Ronnie!  I’m sure you’ll replay the events from your time in the house over and over again in your mind, putting your slanted perspective on it all….with the end result being, you got a raw deal…Nothing could be further from the truth!!

The first mistake you made was aligning with those jackasses Jessie and Natalie….despite what you might think, people do NOT like them, therefore proclaiming an allegiance to them only makes you look worse!!  How could you not see Jeff, Jordan, Casey and Laura were the ones to cling to?  Especially seeing that you basically got a second chance!!  You escaped the big blowout only to go RIGHT back to playing the same game??

Ronnie Ronnie….you could have looked back on that as the wakeup call you needed but instead you did the same crap….and let’s face it, for a guy who’s a self proclaimed “Superfan”, that’s ALL the game you had??  Come on Ronnie!  You’re making us hardcore fans look bad! Makes it look like, being a superfan means nothing! It should have been a HUGE advantage in the house!!

Lastly, you really do seem like a jerk of a person….don’t be surprised when no one wants your autograph, a picture with you or any of the love that goes with being on TV….nope!  Instead you will be thought of as one of the worst players ever, and more importantly, NOT a good guy!!  I mean how spiteful is someone(YOU!) to bash someone else(Michele) for nothing more than outplaying you! When your nicey nice tactics didn’t work, you tried bullying her…guess what?  It didn’t work!!  And because she decides to send your ass packing, that’s a reason to slam her like that?  For what??  Cuz you suck??

That’s terrible Ronnie….take my advice G….Think about how you blew the biggest chance of your life, and come back with some apologies….to the decent people of the house!  Obviously I don’t mean Jessie and Natalie neither!!  So this is goodbye Ronnie….I for one, won’t be talking about you anymore, other than to reiterate the fact of how you were one of the worst ever!!…you’re the past now….

Killer K

PS…Did ya notice how hardly no one clapped for you when you came out to talk to Julie??  You better be glad for the applause signs for sure!!  I can’t decide who’s the bigger tool…..you for walking over to slap people’s hands like a rock star, or the people who actually wanted to slap your hand…

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