Geez….what in THE hell is going on in the BB house? You don’t wanna miss the live feeds this week for sure….there’s only been one eviction so there’s still plenty of time to enjoy the game the way it should be!

But for real though….they’ve all seen this show, they all know how it works…yet they seem clueless, or maybe they just don’t care….which drives me batty cuz they went through so much to even get on the show, well some of them did….and then they always say things like, “I will never give up, I’ll always fight!”…..well then fight! Stop sitting around talking about Ronnie’s doing and do something!! There’s more to fighting then just the comps… have to sway people…expose people or just whatever!

I mean are they blind? Like….is it that hard to figure out the rat is Ronnie, if he DOESN’T put up one of the meatheads? I mean he can persuade all he wants, but that shows who’s side he’s on!! And then Jeff pisses me off…..they got totally screwed by Ronnie, yet before the nights even over Jeff’s like, “Oh it’s just a game…Ronnie’s a good guy….he’s just excited, playing the game”…well then Jeff, maybe you should go home! Cuz there’s no way I’d say that….blow it off as, “part of the game”…it doesn’t HAVE to be part of the game…they should be confronting him, calling him out….hoh or not!

Watch, he’s gonna get another “good” member out, until they’re all gone and I’ve noticed that jerks on the show out number people like 2 to 1 when the show starts…I know they want drama but it’s almost hard to watch sometimes!

I just don’t get how Ronnie can do what he did and skate away like nothing happened….if he doesn’t put up a meathead, that should show once and for all who’s side he’s on! He’ll never admit to backstabbing Braden and his group….he’s shady as shady can be, and instead of confronting him, or trying to get everyone against him, they sit back and let him do his thing, without so much as a hiccup in his plans! If he gets Laura out his week, how can they not see what all went down and that he’s a rat?? HOW!!! lol….

It drives me crazy sometimes! Cuz I don’t like Ronnie being talked about like he’s some kinda game master! I don’t even think he’s knows what he’s gonna do!….it may look like he has a plan, but I really don’t think he does….For someone who knows the game as well as he does, he should know he WILL get backed into a corner eventually by playing both sides…and he’s a terrible liar! He might as well where a shirt that says, “I’m lying!”

And I’m wondering if the producers are up to their old tricks again….I forget who it was, but last week on the feeds somebody, mentioned how Michelle was a doctor not just an assistant….now how could anyone just figure that out?? Come on now! Last night I heard Casey tell someone that Natalie is NOT 18, she’s 25…he even said like, “Watch, you’ll see” like he knew if for a fact! So it makes me wonder what other secrets have been leaked to other players?

Exposed secrets could kill someone’s game and could be crucial in people’s decisions, so they should not be told to other HG’s!! Should I even have to say that?? Geez!….yeah, like I’m real sure they’re not gonna judge Michelle for being a doctor….yeah right! Then Casey said when he was in the DR after Thursdays eviction they were like laughing and happy like, “Well it was 6-5…hardy har har”…what the hell is that? Do the producers really need to meddle like that? Especially now? This early?? If that’s the case, then the “good” side doesn’t stand a chance…

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