At first I was thinking the clique thing was going to be lame…..almost like the couples thing on BB9, but now that I see it playing out, it might end up being pretty cool after all! I find it interesting that people can NOT put their personal feelings and/or ego aside in this game, even if it means going against people in their own clique!!

I’ve seen HG’s bad mouthing other HG’s already, which isn’t surprising…but what is surprising is people bad mouthing their own team!! How can that help them out?? Do they not realize that Jessie is only HOH for the time being, and it may not be the smartest thing sucking up to him and his group so early on?? Clearly some people are reality tv-star struck with Jessie because Jessie doesn’t seem to be an early target, like some would think….and what seems like harmless butt kissing can and will be used against them!! Maybe as early as next week!!

To me, I almost can’t take my eyes off the screen cuz i just can’t believe what I’m seeing already!! From Lydia becoming the house ho-ho, to Natalie telling a pointless lie that she ended up telling Jessie about anyway(btw, Jessie will let that be known as soon as it benefits him), to all this crap talking about their own groups!!

I’m sure at some point they’ll drop the cliques and it’ll be full on single play….but for now, it’s team play and I think you’d have to be a real idiot to think you got it all figured out, to the point of openly dissing your team! How many people have we seen get overly excited in the first week or two, just to get that boot out the door before they even figured out what went wrong??

But for now I’m having a good time watching this all unfold…..the game dynamic has changed….and so far I think it’s working out for the better!! Hopefully the viewers agree!!

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