After claims from some that the last couple seasons of BB haven’t been all that, I think BB11 is well on its way to becoming one of the best seasons yet!! I think the producers may have actually found the magic formula that put Big Brother on the map to begin with. So far it seems to be a winning cast of people who know the and like the game, as opposed to past seasons that showed some who seem to just want to be on tv, treating the game as if it’s just something going on in the background while America has the pleasure of watching them.That’s not to say everyone’s game is going as planned so far, but their game is going.

Whether their gameplans are flawed or not, is open for debate or discussion, and that’s what makes this show rock!! From the muscleheads getting over confident in their early success, to Kevin, who almost seems to be disappointed that he’s not involved in any current drama sweeping through the house (side note about Kevin – I was sure he was going to be the typical flambouyant gay guy like Josh, Dustin, or Marcellas, is looking like he may not be that guy at all!) to Natalie’s lie about her age, which I blasted on here is unbelieveably turning out to work in her favor!! To Jordan going all in with her nice as apple pie strategy to Laura being the clueless one who thinks she has all angles covered, this is season has me glued to the screen/feeds!!

Then there’s the in clique fighting which has got me dumbfounded! I just can’t get over the fact of some people not just not liking someone in their group, but admitting to wanting them evicted!! Say what?? I mean yes down the road this game probably will turn into a total singles game….with no groups…but for now, it’s a group designed game and you’d have to be a fool to not go along with that for the time being! Some people just can NOT put their own issues aside, even when it benefits them to do so and for that, the producers should get a pat on the back cuz this is just getting plain crazy in there people! And I for one, love it!!

It’s only week 1 and you’d think they’d been the house a month already….I hope it keeps up, cuz this season’s off and running! Hopefully the ratings show that as well….

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