Wow! It just keeps getting better and better! And to think, alot of you we’re ready to throw the towel in this season!  Yes it’s true people….Chima is GONE!! My question is what took so long??

I couldn’t believe the BS they we’re letting her get away with! This goes back to my original point of HG’s being “selected” by producers…..I think it’s ridiculous to approach somebody about being on this show when you have millions that could be selected, that would, I don’t know…actually CARE about the game!!

Come on now! I said it from the start that Chima and anyone else that doesn’t go through the process of being selected and is instead sought out by producers, doesn’t care the same way a fan of the show that had to jump through hoops does!! Chima took it to another level in thinking she SHOULD receive preferential treatment!

I was obvious in the beginning but this is a complete and utter meltdown!! I’m sure the producers wanted her to quit instead of kicking her out, but wtf?? I think they wanted to make sure they had all angles covered with the legal department because I’m sure Chima’s not done with this…not by a long shot!! Oh no! I’m sure there will be an onlaught of comments attacking the show’s integrity, blah blah blah….screw her!!

She should have been kicked out for any number of things, but all of them together makes it ridiculous!! I mean Allison Grodner has to be called into the house?? WOW!! I said it yesterday….the producers should have let them all walk(Natalie, Lydia and Chima)! How dare they take the show hostage like that!! I’d much rather have a cut short season rather than letting them get away with this
garbage!! I mean they gotta be bribed with things the night Jessie left? Get the F outta here with that crap!!

What, $500,000 isn’t enough incentive to not only stick around but to play the game? Jeff said it best when he said that people would die to be on this show. That last person who didn’t make the cut because Chima was selected, didn’t get a chance to play! Who knows, they might have been a kick ass BB player!! Instead we get a selfish little brat who meltsdown when things don’t go her way….they wanna ramble on and on about how the CDT wasn’t fair….You know damn well had the roles been reversed and they got the CDT and sent someone home, not only would they love it, they’d be taunting them on the way out the door!!

Earlier in the week DoctormisterMD said the show could be jumping the shark…blasted casting, and I was a little surprised! Well today I gotta say you rock Doc!! You we’re ahead of the curve in seeing that! I applaud you!! Cuz this truely does fall on casting….And I hope this is a valuable lesson from now on for them, don’t search out and target people…let the people who stood in line waiting for a casting call, or the people who went through 3 rounds of interviews to get to the final 40 in L.A., or the people who sit here and watch the live feeds because we love the show, be selected!!

Is it that hard to figure out?? When you create a monster, you can’t ask what happened when they crush buildings stomping around in a fit!! Good riddens Chima! Hopefully they won’t even consider bringing Jessie back….Cuz that’s what I fear…Don’t give into the bully-brats Natalie and Lydia…let them throw their fits all the way home too! We’ll go with a 5 person jury….who cares! Better than giving into them….

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