Yep that’s right….you read it correctly…Killer K, cheerleader for team Jeff and Jordan is turning against them as of right NOW!!

I’ve defended them, and rooted for them from the start and I went to bed last night without blogging about it cuz I didn’t wanna just jump on here and spit all kinds of negative stuff out of anger….but now that I’ve thought it through, SCREW Jeff and Jordan!!

We’ve all been waiting to see if Jeff(who won pov) would use it to BD Russell….which I’m sure you all know, he did! Despite the lies about keeping the final 4 together, Jeff DID betray Russell! I don’t know how you can see it any other way!! Before you hit me the ever so famous, “Lying and betrayal is part of the game”, No, it CAN be part of the game…it doesn’t HAVE to be!

Ok, let me set the personal stuff aside and look at this from a strategic standpoint. I STILL say this doesn’t help Jeff….I mean if he’s gonna use the arguement that he can’t beat Russell in the end, then why in the hell is Jordan still there? Cuz he will NOT beat her in the final 2…and I don’t think Jeff or Jordan would get the winning votes if their sitting next to anyone but each other!! So then Jeff’s decided to put Jordan on his back and take them both to the final 2…dumb dumb DUMB!! So Jeff’s basically playing for 2nd place…and that’s at best!! Newsflash Jeff….they’ll vote for her, and that’s IF you got to the end…

Next let’s keep in mind that Jeff or Jordan would have been gone already, had Russell not stuck to his word!! He could have very easily put both of them up after winning his hoh, but no….Russell targeted Ronnie and got him out, so explain to me Jordan…HOW can you still say that he had a deal with Ronnie?? Like what?? He sent Ronnie packing… yet according to Jordan, they had a deal…that makes no sense at all!! Just like her bashing Russell about his letter from home…claiming what Russell’s dad said to him about trusting Jeff was BS….No Jordan, that was REAL!! Russell was being upfront and honest….this is his payback??

Another thing to keep in mind…. Jeff won hoh because of Russell’s gold can stopping Kevin…Russell could have stopped Jeff…but he DIDN’T!! He stopped Kevin….how can Jeff NOT see this?? Because he and Jordan chose to believe some little liar who up until now has had absolutely NO game!! Well that’s changed huh! Now Natalie looks like a genius….which REALLY sets me off!! LOL….she deserves nothing IMO, but now….I’d like to see her at least take Jeff or Jordan out!!

Which she will!! Are Jeff and Jordan THAT stupid to NOT see they ARE going up next week?? Seriously?? J/J’s best bet would have been to have Russell win hoh!! Russell’s proved he’s a loyal guy but again….they chose to believe Natalie over him…my question is why?? What has Natalie and Kevin done that is soooo loyal that Jeff would not only turn on Russell, but change his whole outlook and attitude?? So much for Jeff saying he was turning a deaf ear to Natalie and Kevin’s lies huh!!

As for Jordan….sit down and shutup little girl!! If you watch the live feeds, you’ve seen her attitude change BIGTIME this past week…I was stunned to see her say some of the things she’s been saying lately….She’s went from being our little sweetheart, to being the blonde version of Natalie/Chima/Lydia all wrapped in one!! Her personal attacks are ridiculously mean to say the least…if you got the live feeds, you already know about this….but it’s making me furious over here!!

They had things set….the final 4 deal….hopefully a big showdown between Jeff and Russell at the end(The 3 part hoh comp)…which to me would have been SWEET to watch!! Let’s face it….Jeff’s afraid of Russell…bottom line! And oh yeah….Jeff’s basing alot of his actions on next week’s hoh comp that he’s thinking it’s GOING to be an endurance comp, and that Russell would win and put them (J/J) up…I don’t know why Jeff can’t see that if Jordan doesn’t win hoh, they are both going up anyways!! 1st of all, they don’t know for sure what the comp’s going to be….2nd, that’s total BS on Jeff’s part…he’s scared of Russell…btw, does anyone really think Jeff would last 2 seconds in the ring with Russell??

Let me wrap this up here….cuz I could go on for hours about this….

It’s driving me batty the way Jordan bashes Russell because she’s soooo wrong!! She’s got no reason not to trust him, other than little liar Natalie, who Jordan describes as “sweet” in her blog…like what?? Sweet? Whatever Jordan! I hope Jeff and Jordan both realize what dummy’s they were for buying into the desperate antics of Natalie…a girl who was clearly on her way out the door…now she may be on her way to the final 2 seat…oh and if she wins hoh this week…guess who’s going up? Will she show any loyality to J/J?? Hell no!! She’ll put them up in a second….which she should….sorry to say it people….but I’m saying ABJJ….I want Anybody But Jeff or Jordan to win the game!! For believing Kevin and Natalie over Russell, I think they deserve to get the ole Big brother stinger…on the way out the door!

A little side note here….where is the good Doctor?? I haven’t seen his posts lately….I’d love to hear his take on it….whether he agress with me or not….he always gets me thinking…

Lastly…Janet….your Venom comparision rocks the world!! I love it!! I’d like to add that I think that same slime is all over Jordan too…even more!

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