Ahhhh yes!!  A bright new day in the BB house and I for one….am LOVING it!!  Even more than the America’s choice announcement(Jeff or Jordan will almost certainly win this!), Even more than Jeff and Jordan promised safety this week, my favorite part was, Jessie and Natalie, scrambling!!  It totally rocks!!

I told you guys, especially the ones who threatened to stop watching, that things WOULD change in the house and last night it did!!
For those who have the live feeds, we got a late night treat after the CBS show……As the endurance comp, lasted well after the CBS show was over!  I could write an entire blog about how cool it is when that happens, when the live show spills over into the live feeds but I’ll stick to analysis of the game from last night…..

So many things happened within the last 24 hours….I’m sure like 9 out of 10 people today are happy with the results, based mostly on what I’ve seen and heard from other fans.  People really don’t like  Jessie, Natalie and Ronnie….And for them to think they have any chance of winning AC, shows they’re just out of touch with reality…Which doesn’t surprise me at all…It does make me laugh though!!

I mean it’s comical to hear Natalie rant about fairness, and how she could have stayed up longer in the hoh comp, the deal SHE would have made with Jeff, blah blah blah….I’ve mentioned this before but her attitude is not surprising maybe cuz she’s called a champion, when she’s a bronze medalist, but it seems her idea of fairness, is Natalie’s way all the time!  Same could be said about Jessie!

Speaking of him, this guy is coming apart at the seams…and again, I’m loving it!!  Did you see him being a cry baby about the slop thing? Like dude, face it…You’re on slop…You’re probably gonna lose a member this week, and btw, it ain’t looking good for you and your crew for AC neither!!  I couldn’t believe he had the nerve to tell Jeff “You owe me one” about the slop….

While I’m on the subject, Jordan, what the F are you thinking?  And no I’m not talking about putting Jeff’s name in a hat…That was bad enough….I’m talking about the process of HOW she did it!   It was her choice to pick the “have nots” for the week and this what she comes up with??…..Umm hello Jordan??  Names out of hat to be fair?  Screw fair!!  She truely is a chicken in a den of foxes!

Also, I thought she was a poor cheerleader for Jeff during hoh….Saying things like, “You’re doing good”…or…”Just play it out Jeff” doesn’t really help when you’re at your breaking point hanging on a rope!!  I mean she asked if he needed a pep talk, he says yes and then she needs to go write it down??  Jeff really seemed annoyed!  I mean you girls know how to make your man feel good, give some encouraging words, and she tries to whip something up in between bites of pizza??  Poor teammate play from Jordan…I’m a little bummed with her!

Ronnie’s take on the game remained the same, “Me me me”…I can’t believe people’s perceptions of themselves sometimes!  If Ronnie’s so smart at this game, how can he not see Jeff and Jordan would be the viewers fav’s?  Is that even up for debate??  BTW, Ronnie…Yes Casey DID burn you and yes most of us probably enjoyed it!

Ronnie actually thinks he’ll get the power, isn’t that hilarious?  He said his wife is at home right now campaiging for votes….Good luck with that!!  You’ll have like 9 out of 10 going the other way!!  BUT people….Do NOT take this for granted!!….Please go vote for Jeff right now!  I say Jeff cuz Jordan could very well screw this up…Jessie’s right about one thing….If Jordan gets it and so much as slips up about that new power, it’s null and void….Believe me, they will try and trick her into saying something….And it MIGHT actually work!

I loved the psycho portral of Lydia and I think she’s catching on through Julie’s questions, that she might be viewed as ridiculous or whatever…. It shows her as weak and she doesn’t like that one bit!  But too bad Lydia!!  You’ve sucked up to Jessie, bad mouthed him just to go kiss more butt, and basically begged to be used by him!!  I mean offering to be a “have not” in Jessie’s place?  Wow….That should show everyone where her head is and that she will do nothing in this game but lose!

Let’s hope big Russell keeps his word to Jeff and Jordan, which I’m still not so sure that it’s a lock that Jeff and Jordan are safe from his nominations.  After hearing Russells letter from home, I think he will stick to his word with Jeff, especially that part his pops wrote about being moral people…Russell already told Jessie and Natalie that he will keep his word and that 1 out of these 4 will be going home…Ronnie, Michele, Lydia, or Kevin….But that could change!

So enjoy this cool time in the BB house this week!!  Who knows how long it will last!!

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