We are almost there-the first official eviction!  For me, it seems to have felt like a month to get to this point.  What a BORING (for the most part) week!  The youngin’s with their panic and over strategizing (way un-necessary for the first week) and all of the stupid games.  BIG BROTHER, please give them some more alcohol or something to pass the down time more creatively!  At this rate, I will die of alzhiemers  before they get to the top 10!

Who would have ever thought the bleached blonde Porche could be so manipulative?  She actually seems to be trying to play the game.  Frankly, I think she is over playing at this point.  Fine and good to through people under the bus-but you don’t do that to your entire group!  Most players would and should see through that as a desperate ploy for safety.  However, we are talking Rachel.  Is she really that gullible?  It was a major decision to seek out HOH on week one.  Then another big risk on the nominations.  If she or Brendon change the nominations this late, I fear it would be to the detriment of all the Veterans (wolves).  This is a decision that should be made by the Alpha Male, but since his judgement is clouded by the scent of his female, and ED is gone for the time being-I think it should be discussed thoroughly by the entire pack.  The first time the pack shows any weakness, fluffy or not the “bunnies” will pounce!  They are young and immature but together they could do some damage.

It is far better to prevent a frenzy, fury of fiendish furries than to major damage control this early in the game!

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