Whether it was the “Heatbreak and Betrayal of Lost Trust” or “The Unveiling of True Colors” or the “Memorialization of Our Fallen Comrade”  It all Boils to the Top on one of the most exciting episodes not only in BB 13′s season, but possibly in BB History!

Many valid points are being made on both sides.  I am still reeling from last nights BB13!  I am sure several people are as when they woke up today and had to pinch themselves to make sure it wasn’t all a DREAM/NIGHTMARE.  Just a few added tidbits: 1) As far a Jordan’s “dirty mouth” ~ I would not expect any less ~ She is just a simple “down home country girl” and frankly I think if anyone was stuck in that house with the likes of Adam, Brendon, Rachel, Dani, Lawon and even Jeff with their F this and F that for so many days, it is bound to rub off!  Plus, I would rather piss off a hungry & angry Grizzly Bear than a country girl.  They learn at an early age how to give back as well as they receive!  So, Zee, I am glad Jordan finally let some of her anger and frustration come out.  (I will also make a note to send her some Orbit Gum)  lol  Yes, she was upset that Jeff was leaving, but I honestly believe what hurt her more was Shelly’s betrayal!  As far as, Jeff not looking at Jordan ! I think he did this because he knew she was crying and that would make it more difficult to leave.  2) Well, I can’t complain about it being boring any more.  I am glad Dani is gone, but I would have liked to see Jeff at least get rid of Kalia and Rachel first.  To be honest, There is no one left in the house that truly deserves to win the game ~ except the Vets ~ but they have had their chance in their own season & I do not think it is fair for them to have the chance to do it again.  The other four ~ NONE of them have honestly played the Game.  They all have just floated by while everyone else tear each other apart.  Call them what you may, minions, floaters or what ever, none of them have done any true game play!  This season has been all about the “blind leading the blind” and trying not to get “blood on their own hands.  3)  I hope they do not bring any of them back at least for a couple of years.  I have had my fill of the returning HGs ~ regardless who they are!  4)  It seems that this entire season ~ <strong>other than</strong> Jeff, Dom and Cassie have been led around by someone else.  It makes perfect sense to get the individual thinkers out.  The majority of them have accomplished nothing except place others under the bus just to save their own as**s.  And there is Kalia…  Does she ever SHUT UP?  Frankly, I am surprised she “knows” anything about sex ~ I mean, really, where would she ever find the time?  Maybe after her <strong>Mono-Log</strong> and after her <strong><em>resting</em></strong> arguments?  5)  Does anyone find it strange as to the time gap between Porche winning the VETO and the rest of the HGs?   Why have we not seen her compete like this all season?  6)  I find it laughable when someone has made a huge Move in the game (which is good game play) and others condemn them for it and yet they did the same when it came their chance to do the same thing!  Plus, Porche stated last night that Dani looked “so hot” when she left the house last night.  Then Kalia chimed in with the comment Jeff made as he was leaving that he would look like a dork or jerk-something along those lines.  Then Kalia said “Who cares”?  Talk about double standards!

If it came down to choosing a winner today… Unfortunately I would have to vote for Shelly.  When she finally revealed her true self yesterday, I finally realized she has played all along.  Her strategy was very similar to ED’s ~ very mental ~ while letting others think they are the ones making the decisions!  The other night, when Shelly was so upset about her disappointing and embarrassing her family, was all a show.  (Plus I think – what little conscience she did have – was eating at her for the betrayal she was about to do)  I would not like it if she was my boss, that is for sure.  She has proved herself to be a carnivorous, take no prisoners, probably eat you own children, savage predator!

The only question now is: Did she blow her cover too soon?

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