Although, I do not want to see the Veterans lose control of the house, but I would love to see the votes to keep Cassie.  Although I also love Shelly, I could have sworn I watched her telling Rachel that she wanted to go home, but not to let any one else know.  So, Cassie has sworn allegance to the Veterans but so did Shelly.  This would be the perfect opportunity for all that promised loyalty to go back on their word because the Veterans went back on theirs first!  Plus Cassie, Shelly &  Jeff and Jordan are the only people that have not continually lied!

Pet talk in the back yard.  Wow, Cassie has a Min Pin.  Cool girl!  I have 3!


So what would you like to see?


Too Bad There is Not Another Veto Comp Before Eviction Night!

I would love to see Rachel sent packing as well!  I have tried to give her the benefit of the doubt this year, but she has failed to make any real improvements to herself and her attitude.  I think Rachel has had too much control too fast.  How many chances should she get?????

The newbies need to all get on one page and present a UNIFIED group, approach Jeff & Jordan and tell them if things do not change, the vets will start being the ones to go home!  If this would occur, the newbies would have the votes as well as the power and control of the house!

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